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ब्रिटिश चुनाव परिणाम का संदेश

यह चुनावी परिणाम साफ संकेत हैं कि बड़े-बड़े मीडिया गिरोहों, बौद्धिक संस्थानों, वामधारा से प्रदूषित अकादमिक मंचों द्वारा फैलाया गया वितण्डा एक चीज है और आम जनता के मूल्य, मानक, सोच और वास्तविकता बिल्कुल दूसरी चीज।

Irish Backstop haunts Britain

Among lost assembly for BJP and burning of Paris during the holiday season, you might have missed the UK Brexit Drama. But it is...

Modi Attends Commonwealth Meet In London

This year’s Commonwealth Summit has been billed as a grand opportunity for India not only to showcase its growing economy but also project its leadership in an emerging new world order.

Will India decide the success of the Commonwealth?

Many people believe that if the role of emerging economies increases, that this group can achieve value for themselves.

Europe: Shrinking economies and expanding terrorism

Radical Islamic terror and sluggish economies of European countries make Europe to stoop at its lowest.

Britain’s hard Brexit strategy: Unraveling of the European Union?

Brexit will have negative consequences only in the short term. Brexit is a trade dispute between the UK and the EU. Projecting this as a global trade malaise is an exaggeration.

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