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Hizb ut Tahrir infiltrates within campuses in UK and Bangladesh

Startling revelations have come to light regarding activists of the notorious jihadist group, Hizb ut Tahrir in campuses in Bangladesh and the UK.

Anti-Hindu Bangladeshi political party is a terrorist organization

Couple of days ago, a number of newspapers in Bangladesh catered a report stating a Federal Court in Toronto Canada has once again declared ultra-Islamist Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) as a terrorist organization.

UK spends US$8.5 million per day towards illegal migrants

While the citizens in the United Kingdom (UK) are suffering from an acute financial crisis and whereas many UK military families are not having access to room-heating systems or hot water, the government has been spending US$8.5 million every day to host illegal migrants in hotels at the cost of taxpayers.

UK Tory Party leaders maintain ties with controversial businessman and terror-funder

There is report about embattled MP from UK’s Tory Party, Bob Stewart of hiding his directorship of a foreign defense company controlled by a controversial Azerbaijani businessman while sitting on Parliament’s influential defense committee.

West shrugs Saudi executions

Saudi Arabia has been in the center of news for its execution of 37 people in recent days. As many as 33 people were reported to be followers of the Shiite sect.

Irish Backstop haunts Britain

Among lost assembly for BJP and burning of Paris during the holiday season, you might have missed the UK Brexit Drama. But it is...

Will India decide the success of the Commonwealth?

Many people believe that if the role of emerging economies increases, that this group can achieve value for themselves.

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