West shrugs Saudi executions

Saudi Arabia has been in the center of news for its execution of 37 people in recent days. The British online paper Independent carried out this action prominently. As many as 33 people were reported to be followers of the Shiite sect. These horrid executions had taken place in furtherance of a series of atrocities carried out on Saudi citizens from time to time. However, it was also stated that this was the most appalling execution after the year 2016.

Since royalty prevails in that Arabian Kingdom, execution remains a very soft alternative for the Saudi rulers under the prescribed strict criminal laws of that oil-rich country. Condemnations pour in but the West seemed to have adopted a dilly-dallying approach in censuring the Saudi authorities. According to the research conducted from human rights charity Reprieve, the number of executions has doubled since the Crown Prince has come to power.

The Western countries including America and Britain show no remorse in thereby annoying the human rights group awaiting fairness. What compels them was the sale of the arms and fighter jets to the Arab world. If Britain or America or other Western countries did not talk about recently reported Saudi executions, the main reason behind the well-ordered silence was nothing but arms’ sale to the Saudi Kingdom. The UK government has licensed at least $ 4.7 billion worth of jets and bombs to the Saudi military, according to the reports.

However, the US Commission on International Religious Freedom said the American State Department must stop giving a free pass to Saudi Arabia. Donald Trump pointed to its major purchases of US weapons, its giant oil exports and its hostility towards US rival Iran. The Saudi kingdom is ranked among the top five executioners in the world. According to Amnesty International, it carried out the death sentences of 149 people last year.

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