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Shia Sunni fight

Pakistan’s Indian Muslim obsession continues but recklessly: While they focus on Jahangirpuri, Pakistan burns

The political circus continues in Pakistan but the leadership is amusingly more concerned about Delhi's Jahangirpuri.

अहमदी मुसलमानों से इतनी नफरत क्यों?

इस्लाम के सभी अनुयायी खुद को मुसलमान कहते हैं लेकिन इसलामी क़ानून (फ़िक़ह) और इसलामी इतिहास की अपनी-अपनी समझ के आधार पर मुसलमान कई पंथों या फ़िरक़ों में बंटे हैं।

West shrugs Saudi executions

Saudi Arabia has been in the center of news for its execution of 37 people in recent days. As many as 33 people were reported to be followers of the Shiite sect.

Islamic State: The terror machine

Has the time come when the entire world is ready to take on ISIS?

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