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Peaceful co-existence is a mirage, Jihad is the reality

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Chinmay S
Chinmay S
Nationalist, Writer,Marketer,Voracious reader,Investor and Arsenal fan

On 10th July, the first Shravan Somvaar, pilgrims aboard the bus to begin their Amarnath Yatra. Little did they know that an ambush was waiting for them, their vehicle was attacked by terrorists, taking lives of 7 pilgrims and injuring many.

Terrorist attacks- Before and After

Amarnath was one of the many attacks planned in Pakistan, aided by locals and orchestrated by terrorists. There was never any doubt over the support terrorists get from Kashmiri Muslims, but that the Indian government would gloss over it was utterly disappointing to say the least. Like all previous attacks, immediate response of the government after Amarnath attack too was to issue ‘Kadi Ninda’ – strongly condemn the incident with a vow to take revenge, but not without serving needless platitudes like ‘Kashmiriyat’.

Location, mode and the number of casualties may differ, but there’s a common pattern which cannot go unnoticed in every terrorist attack. It starts with, the radical Jihadi ideology which makes the attack happen, continues in the aftermath with media/liberals who try to deviate attention, de-link any connection of Islam with the attack by bringing terms like ‘Terrorism has no religion’ or the perpetrators of the ghastly act were ‘Misguided Youths’ and finally ends with intellectuals/activists masquerading as peaceniks who shift the focus to totally unrelated events from the American invasion to demolition of Babri Masjid to justify and make the event disappear from the public memory.

Questionable role of Media and Liberals

”It’s easier to deal with a wolf in wolf’s clothing, challenge lies in dealing with the ones dressed up as sheep”.

The above quote relates to all those who are part of the Jihadi syndicate, former are terrorists with guns, latter the ones with pens, mikes and cameras who set the ground for jihad by camouflaging themselves as media or liberals.

Role played by media in the syndicate is to downplay and totally discard the threat by fabricating theories of utopian concepts like peaceful co existence, so that gullible Hindus can latch on and romanticize with it, while radical Islamists can continue with their agenda. Take a look at reporting of Amarnath Attack for instance, what media went overboard with was that the driver named ‘Salim’ prevented more casualties. There is nothing wrong in praising him, but his name and religion was brought up only to tom-tom ‘Islam is a Religion of Peace’ theory, unsurprisingly  pilgrims were victim of Islamic Jihad in the first place was conveniently ignored.

Media and liberals love for Islamists is not a recent phenomenon. It all started long ago with liberals who doubled up as historians and pushed for a pro Islamist narrative through history books. From over the top glorification of Akbar to whitewashing crimes of cruel Aurangzeb and Tipu Sultan by passing off their rare act of donations to temples under compulsion, as a proof of their support for coexistence, while totally downplaying Jaziya imposed on infidels and forceful circumcision and conversions done by them.

Jihad- A threat India needs to be wary of

Threat we face as Indians is in multifold, as elucidated by Army Chief few days ago when he reassured about India’s preparedness for ‘Two and a Half wars’. However, that was oversimplifying the problem, for the half war (might of the enemies within) was underestimated, they are in fact the facilitator of the biggest challenge that we must brace ourselves with in the coming years-Islamic Jihad.

What is Jihad, if I may ask? Many think of it as violent form of conquest on the infidels-non believers of Islam. While that’s the most apt description, what many fail to recognize is that there are many subtle forms of Jihad, like Population Jihad, Love Jihad, Land Jihad, Business Jihad, Education Jihad are all different means to the same end.

As the violent form is direct, it gets noticed and there is at least an acceptance and some sort of resolve to fight it. However, latter ones are so subtle that they go unnoticed until they subsume us completely. The Jihadi syndicate has altered its strategy and hence discreet forms are more rampant now.

Kind of like changing the approach, from ‘putting frog in the boiling water to make it jump off’, to ‘putting frog in a warm water and slowly increasing the temperature to acclimatize and eventually burn it to death’.

What India is currently dealing with is the subtle form of Jihad, let’s explore them one by one

Population Jihad– It simply means growth by producing more kids than other religions to surpass them in few decades, this is being pursued ward by ward, city by city and state by state. While Hindus between 20-35 age are busy wondering whether John Snow will be dead or alive in the next season of Game of Thrones or fighting over who’s superior between Real Madrid or Barcelona, or busy trying out every new pub in the town, thinking that marriage is some primitive concept which ought to be delayed as much as possible, their Muslim colleagues in the same age group have 2-3 kids. There are some constitutional privileges too that Muslims enjoy like polygamy making their job easier.

Love Jihad– It is a subset of population Jihad, this includes inorganic growth. This happens when a Muslim boy fakes his identity and makes a Hindu girl fall in love with him, to the extent that she is ready to elope. In 90% of such cases girl comes to know about the real identity of the boy only after eloping with him and is left with no option but be allowed herself to be exploited. This is also happening across India, however high incidence is reported in UP and Kerala.

Land Jihad– We are seeing visible signs of this through changing demographics in most Indian cities and states. Modus operandi is simple, migrate to a predominantly non-Muslim territory, establish ghettos near strategic locations like Bus stop, Railway stations, expand further and encircle Hindu areas, making it difficult for them to continue living there, threaten and create a ground for their exodus, take over Hindu properties legally (through distress sales) or encroach them after exodus.

Another way in which land jihad begins is by encroaching government or private land by converting them into graveyards, local authorities do not act due to fear psychosis of Muslims and soon non-muslims stop going around that area, land prices in the nearby areas crash due to low demand making ground for Muslim buyers to pounce on it, with this a foothold is established in the region, from there on the expansion begins.

Business Jihad– It entails taking over local businesses, to grow financial clout, fund political parties and control running of the local government. Later on it results in business firms only for Muslims, creation of halal zones and ban on things not in consonance with Sharia. Example a small town called Melvisharam in Vellore District near Arcot. More shocking example is illegal Bangladeshi immigrants who came as cheap labour, later on they started growing financial muscle in parts of Assam and WB and what followed was Land Jihad. This form is prominent in Kerala as well, Wahhabis from Saudi have invested a lot of money in local businesses and many poor hapless Hindus who are employed by them are sitting ducks for subjugation.

Similarly, many Muslim cattle mafias have come up in UP, Bihar, Jharkhand and WB. They steal cattle from the villages in the dark mostly by force and smuggle it across the international border, farmer who’s only source of income is taken away becomes sitting duck for subjugation by Muslim mafia. Any attempt to organize and thwart or push back cattle smugglers is reported by media as attack on minority for beef (read here).

Education Jihad– Wahhabis have invested millions to establish Islamic institutes in predominantly Hindu regions, under the pretext of giving education to poor Muslims. They are furthering their agenda by facilitating Business and Land Jihad. Erstwhile, Congress Government in Andhra had approved an Islamic University to be set up in Tirupati, due to public pressure they were forced to push it on the back burner and now the matter is in court, but it keeps coming up from time to time.

Now that we have understood various types of Jihad unleashed upon India, its clear to see the impending danger. What’s a possibility in India is almost certain to happen in Western Europe, in a matter of two decades France and UK will turn Islamic majority; all thanks to appeasement politics in the name of secularism.

Need of the hour

It is imperative to sensitize Hindus about this impending danger of Islamic Jihad and to expose the role of Media in the whole conspiracy. Following  steps must be taken to ward off any threat before it’s too late

-Improve dialogue  with all sections of Hindus, highlight more on common threads than difference and get organized as a community.

-Participate in joint community based efforts to educate more people about the looming threat and agenda against them.

-Be watchful of changes taking place around, be it a new Masjid, Madrassa or graveyard coming up.

-Forge consensus in you locality against renting out houses or office premises to any unknown person without doing adequate background check or against giving employment to illegal Bangladeshis Immigrants (in fact the police and all relevant authorities should be informed, this would create a proof and ground for their deportation)

-Whenever you see a new Muslim Ghetto getting established in your locality, bring it to the notice of local authorities to check for encroachment.

-And lastly, stay united as Hindus (brushing aside ego, caste and regional differences) and regularly make representation to the local governments for issues concerning Hindus. Keep in mind that no political party ever takes a casual and an unorganized voter group seriously. So be organised to be counted.

Always remember, the other side can only push you to the wall if you allow them to, so be aware, organised and develop the strength to push back. It’s still not too late.

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Chinmay S
Chinmay S
Nationalist, Writer,Marketer,Voracious reader,Investor and Arsenal fan
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