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Congress Mukt Bharat: Just a political slogan, or necessity for India?

Anyone who thinks that problem with Congress is only due to people heading the party and not with the mindset, just see the behaviour of Himanta Biswa Sarma when he was with Congress and when he is in BJP and Sidhu before and after joining Congress.

Intent vs ability- Why BJP seems to have its heart in the right place

There are more to tasks to accomplish for BJP, however, what they've done is worth appreciating in a short span of 4 years.

Peaceful co-existence is a mirage, Jihad is the reality

Jihad is not limited to an open Islamic war. It has been spread through education, population, love, business, etc.

Why make movies tax-free? It helps only the filmmakers, not the society

Should the government be helping rich filmmakers by making movies tax free? What's the logic?

Is Modi government pro Ambani-Adani? Facts don’t support these claims

Examination and rebuttal of various claims claiming Modi government is pro-rich and favours a few businessmen.

Perils of demographic change: More real than perceived

Hindus are no more the majority at many places in India.

The Curious Case of R3

Controversy surrounding Dr Raghuram Rajan.

Why PM Modi would do well by not emulating Prithviraj Chauhan

There is one lesson from the history that Narendra Modi must learn.

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