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Nitish Kumar accession to throne: Opportunism or prudence

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On 26th July, 2017, the Bihar Chief Minister resigned from his post or in his words he listened to the “call of his conscience”. He broke the grand alliance that comprised RJD, JD(U) and Congress. It seems that it had been difficult for Nitish Kumar ji to decide between Dharma to do honest politics and Karma to keep the alliance intact. Even though the clear signals were given to RJD yet it was bent upon saving the Deputy Chief Minister post of Tejaswi Yadav. I think resigning from the post of Chief Minister was the right decision taken by him. It was also prudent of him joining the hands with his erstwhile partner, BJP, as he has not faced this sort of trouble with that alliance. Today Nitish Kumar proved the majority with 131 MLAs on his side whereas RJD plus got the support of 108 MLAs.

The relationship within grand alliance got bitter as the raids on the companies associated with Lalu Prasad Yadav were started. The raids were conducted, first by Income Tax Department and then CBI, for the allegation of Benami land deals during Lalu ji’s tenure as the Central Railway Minister. The alleged Benami property was worth Rs 1,000/- crore and the raids were carried out in Delhi and Gurgaon, in this connection. Also, the son of Lalu Prasad Yadav and the Deputy CM of Bihar was under the scanner of CBI. In one of the articles published in Indian Express it was mentioned that Hema Yadav, another daughter of Lalu Prasad, had the Benami land plot in Patna, which worth Rs 62 Lakh. This plot was gifted by one Lalan Chaudhary, who was the resident of Siwan and also a BPL cardholder.

Apart from this, the Enforcement Directorate also conducted raids on three Delhi farmed houses, which were owned by Lalu’s daughter and Rajya Sabha MP Misa Bharti and her husband, in a money laundering case, worth 8,000 crore. Now, the ED has registered a case against the Lalu Prasad Yadav and his family members in money laundering case. The only shield that RJD is using is making hue and cry about the political vendetta, by the right wing RSS and BJP, to silence the voice of Lalu Prasad, in which Congress has also joined him. Though I do feel that it might have been so but such tactics have been played by every political party against the other.

Also, there must have been some truth in it that allowed the law enforcement agencies to close it on RJD Chief and his family. But this event has also brought to the forth the most unfortunate part that the law enforcement agencies are not empowered or dare to take action against the incumbent government. This helplessness of theirs is quite visible in many cases and only such political vendetta, quote unquote, disclose the corruption that has been done during the tenure of the politicians in power.

The second issue that has been doing the round again is about the BJP and RSS saffronisation agenda. I feel all the other political party wanted to show up that they here to save the nation’s secular fabric. They are even showing people that their coalition is largely forged to desist the communal forces, which is largely the BJP and RSS, in the country. But it is important to mention here that though there are a good number of regional parties like SP, BSP, RJD, TMC etc. and national party like Congress, who have been using religion and caste to get the votes in their favour yet their secularist credentials are unquestionable.

Therefore, I believe that all the political parties are having their hidden agendas and creating differences between the communities would not be a problem for them, if it serves their purpose. I also feel that people are now voting for two reasons- first, they have lost confidence in an old political party like congress, who has still been depending on one dynasty and the second is that they have had shown trust in the incumbent Prime Minister Shri Narender Modi. People have been voting the parties to the power in clear majority and if any party is unable to perform, its doomsday is near. I do believe that the present government would meet the same fate, if it doesn’t deliver on its promises.

Coming back to the political turmoil in Bihar I must say that the decision of Nitish Kumar has sent ripples in the political circles across the country but I believe that going with BJP was the right step taken by the CM of Bihar. The grand alliance was formed to counter the increasing strength of the BJP, or in more precise sense the rise of Shri Narender Modi, as one of the biggest political parties that is experiencing the winning streak in most of the elections across the country, since 2014.

Though alliance was forged for stopping BJP yet it was aptly clear that the governance should run on the basis of freedom from corruption and nepotism. It was surprising how two heavyweights, Nitish Kumar and Lalu Prasad Yadav, of Bihar politics, who are very different from each in their political approach, have come to the common table. Going along with RJD was a bold step for JD(U). It seems that the alliance was forged due to personal disliking of Nitish Kumar towards the Prime Minister yet continuing with RJD had definitely been a bitter experience for him. The present break in the alliance is the direct consequence of the accommodative politics adopted in Bihar.

Now, Nitish Kumar ji has once again been coronated to the throne of the Bihar CM in less than 24 hours. Though some dissenting voices came from his own party, in Bihar as well as the Kerala unit of JD (U), for his decision to forge an alliance with BJP yet he has comfortably sailed through it. He has faced the litmus test and shown the majority in the Bihar Assembly. Although many people, in political circles, are calling him an opportunist but I consider him a man with integrity and the one who thinks for people first. I consider him one of the most respectable CMs and man of words. He has shown his political maturity and prudence by joining the hands with BJP for the development of Bihar. I believe that his new allying partner will toe the same lines on which he is going ahead. Also, he will definitely take a stand, if such corrupt practices come to his notice in future.

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