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Making of a ‘New Bengal’ by Mamata in Modi’s New India

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Instrumentation Engineer - NIT DGP. Business | Football fan | Arsenal Bhakt Communal bigoted Bengali Hindu .  

Mr. Narendra Modi after UP election result announced his new mission ‘New India’. Little did he know Bengal  CM Mamata Banerjee was way ahead of him & started building a ‘New Bengal’.

A Bengal which no one has seen till now & a Bengal where there is no place for ‘ Hindus’. Systematic way & process is being followed by the establishment in this ‘New Bengal’ to humiliate & torment Bengalis. The establishment not only includes ruling TMC party led by Mamata but opposition parties like CPM & Congress, the local media & the intellectuals & Bhadraloks of Bengal.

In this ‘New Bengal’ the Saree is now replaced by Burkha. The state festival in this ‘New  Bengal ‘ is not Durga Puja but Eid ul Fitar & Muharram. A ‘New Bengal’ where Bomb making is the new profession because it empowers & provides job opportunity for a community. So what if NIA had caught them red handed in Khagragar.

A ‘new Bengal’ where one community has special rights and grants to destroy & vandalize public property & torch police stations & vehicles. This is a new Bengal where IPC doesn’t apply. True justice is served only by following sharia. A ‘new Bengal’ where Goddess ‘Saraswati’ is no longer safe because some community is against idol worship. A New Bengal where students are thrashed by police because they want to celebrate Saraswati Puja in school.

On the other hand in this New Bengal police are thrashed by fanatics of a community because they have orders from top not to hurt minority feelings. A ‘new Bengal’ where statues of Kali & Durga are covered in black clothes so that communal harmony is maintained when a procession by a particular community is taken out. This is also a new Bengal where local news channels like ABP Ananda & the star anchor Suman De has time to discuss about Gau Rakshaks in Rajasthan & UP but doesn’t find time to do a single episode on Dhulagarh riots & Tehatta.

A new Bengal where intellectuals & Tollywood stars are worried about Ram Navami procession but is blind to Malda & Kaliachak riots. A new Bengal where intellectuals feel that Modi is muzzling the voice of minorities but don’t find strong enough reasons to protest against ban on Durga Puja in a village in Birbhum district where Hindus are minorities.

This is a New Bengal where demanding sharia law, grants to imams and vandalizing police stations is new normal. This is  New Bengal where one cares about UP but doesn’t have time to see the violence inflicted on Bengali Hindus. A New Bengal where #Notinmyname rallies are taken out but no one bothers about rise in Islamic fundamentalists. This a New Bengal where any riots inflicted by a particular community is termed as ‘Chut Put Ghatna’ or ‘Sajaano Ghotana’.

Welcome to my new Sonar Bangla (for that particular community).

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Instrumentation Engineer - NIT DGP. Business | Football fan | Arsenal Bhakt Communal bigoted Bengali Hindu .  

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