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India’s indigenous liberals and their selective outrage

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Recently after lynching of a boy named Junaid, our fellow liberals and comrades with no IQ created a hullabaloo over it and created fake #notinmyname protest as they assumed that since victim was Muslim and Murderer was Hindu, it must be case of beef. Many (in)famous personalities showed their anger over this issue. Even though lynching by mob happens all over India, our self proclaimed liberals (foxes in sheep’s flesh) selectively rose those lynching:

  1. Muslim lynched Muslim- not picked up
  2. Hindu lynched Hindu- not picked up
  3. Muslim lynched Hindu- not picked up
  4. Hindu lynched Muslim- picked up

And with this selected lynchings they renamed their propaganda of ‘intolrent-India’, ‘Lynchistan’. Indigenous seculars/ liberals/Comrades have a different trait than their counterparts, while the S/L/C of other countries will never defame their own country formers enjoy defaming everything Indic, they fill the hearts of students by poisonous communism and then finally by giving them inferiority complex. Nepal where communists are in MAINSTREAM never come to India to complain about Nepal but our S/L/C as stated above, never shy to complain about India to their white masters. Even with this shameful incidents look at the insensitiveness of journos

A journalist looks excited about these lynchings, probably because now he has something by which he can make his ‘masters’ happy. This fake protest which used fake incidents turned itself to anti-Modi, anti-Hindu, anti-Brahanism. Some opportunists abused Hindu-Swastika and called Hindu ‘terrorists’.

(Picture source : #NotInMyName – Citizens across India gather to protest against lynchings)

Many people questioned their intentions of selective protests. Protesters were asked why the lynch map doesn’t include lynchings of non-BJP states, lynchings of RSS members in Kerala, lynchings of Hindus by Muslims mob in Bengal and lynchings done by Kashmiri Muslim mobs of DYSP Ayub Pandit. Opportunist replied the genuine questions by calling them Sanghi-Fanatic, Nationalist, Bhakt and Hindu terrorists.

Reality of Lynching of Junaid:

Addressing to journalists Superintendent of Police, Railways, Kamal Deep Goyal told that: The main accused of lynching has been arrested and who worked as a security guard in Delhi (his identity wasn’t revealed by the police). When asked if the lynching had any connection to beef, SP told reporters, “Neither the complainant nor the accused have mentioned anything about beef.”

As reported by, India Today: Ballabhgarh lynching: Main accused confesses to stabbing Junaid, murder weapon yet to be recovered.

So now when the reality has come out of darkness, will the opportunists apologize for demeaning Hinduism and Hindus? Or will they continue their propaganda shamelessly like they did after Akhlaq’s murder?

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