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How would you compare the top 3 religions: Christianity, Islam and Hinduism?

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Recently on Quora, I wrote an answer for ‘How would you compare the top 3 religions: Christianity, Islam and Hinduism?’. Which was upvoted by 1,900 peoples with about 18,100 views. So I thought to share the same here.


Islam is an Arabic word that means peace-acceptance-surrender-submission. Followers of Islam are called Muslims, Musalmans or Mohhmandans.

Muhmmad, also known as Rasul-Allah (messenger of God), was born in mecca around 570 C.E. He was very honest and kind man. He is a beloved figure in Islam. He was kind, humble,wise and charming. He got the vision of ‘Allah’ when he was around 40 years. He was terrified and feared by seeing the light of Allah . The night he got vision is celebrated as Night of Power.

Islam was first common stream with Jewish and Christian, but when the tribes of Madina rejected Muhammad as messenger of God, Muhammad received revelation from God to break away and found Islam as a separate religion. Turning point came when Muslims fought Meccans ( they were brutal to Muslims) whom were 3 times bigger than muslims army which Muslims won. Public believed that only because of Allah’s protection they won and then they converted themselves to Muslim. A large part of society converted themselves to Muslim which consisted of both poor and rich classes.

Qur’an- Qur’an is the source for knowledge for Muslims way of life, Muslims civil law. Qur’an is a material and philosophical guide for Muslims, which have to be followed by muslims. Book talks about science and society, origin of mankind, reason to make man and earth. Doomsday and it’s afterwards situation is written in this books. This book is also called wahy al-matluww (the recited revelation). The Quran was not sent down to the Prophet (pbuh) as a whole; it was sent down verse by verse and chapter by chapter to muhammad through angel Gabriel over a period of 23 years. Another book for muslims is Hadith- a historical book of muhammad’s life written by the close relatives of him. The Holy Quran is the last and final message of Almighty Allah, it can’t be re-written. Muhmmad is last prophet of Allah.

Islam believes in only one God. Worshipping of any other God is demonic and they will thrashed to Hell for it. Paganism is also considered a sin in Islam. There are various things which are Haram in Islam so there are many things which are Halal . Muslims have to follow these things very carefully. Islam says various other things like- ‘you should first see your neighbors, you have to help them’. To know more about forbidden acts visit Major Forbidden Acts – My Religion Islam

Positive Points

  • Deep commitment to social justice
  • Gender equality with exception
  • Justice for everyone
  • Zakat
  • Liberty over marriage
  • Peaceful

Negative Points

  • No flexibility
  • To get heaven you need to be a muslim
  • No direct connection to God
  • Hard on feminine
  • Too much forbidden acts
  • Nearly impossible to dodge Haram
  • Cruel punishment in Sharia law
  • Jijiya
  • Concept of Kuffur
  • Against idol worship
  • Excessively Radicalised


Christianity, simply means a religion based on Jesus Christ and Christians are known as it’s followers.

Jesus Christ was born 4 B.C ago as Jew in today’s Israel which was known as Judea back then. Jesus being a ideal man, travelled villages and helped the peoples who were suffering from pain or diseases. He was well versed in Jews Scriptures. He challenged the Jews religious authorities, who had used faith for petty political/social gains. Many felt silent over his arguments, seeing which peoples started following Christ. Jesus taught them that God will save them through the Jesus. He predicted his crucifixion and his rise from the dead. Exactly happened with Jesus, Christians believed the same after which the religion started.

Bible- Christians says Bible the ‘word of god’ as the writers were inspired the God himself. Bible is a revelation by the God. In Bible there are stories, world from Christians prospective, Christians law and teaching of Jesus Christ. Christians took Bible as only true book and accepts it as it is. It guides Christians to live a peaceful and good life. Bible was long before Jesus birth, which is known as old testaments.

Everyone is born sinner in Christianity. Only god can free oneself. There is only God and Jesus is only son of God. God is external. To be a good Christian, one have to follow the 10 testaments without doubting the Christ as the son of God.

Positive Points

  • Love
  • Kindness
  • Social service – Sacrificing oneself for others
  • Commitments on Good deeds
  • It always calls for social justice

Negative Points

  • No respect for other faith
  • Rigidity
  • Hard on feminine
  • Sin concept
  • No respect for environment
  • Infidelity
  • Mythological science
  • Paganism is act of hell
  • Holding the Christianity tag is necessary to earn the salvation
  • Too much chaos within


Sanatana Dharma is the original name for Hinduism. Sanatana Dharma’s meaning cannot be described in one word. Generally people translate it as Eternal- Natural law. There is no word for its followers, as it was realised for Humans despite their castes, race or country you can call it’s followers Humans.

Since Santana Dharma was right from the creation of world, it’s origin is not known by anyone. It is the oldest active religion. It has no single founder. It was realised by Rishis by intense meditation (Dhyan yog). Then they passed their knowledge orally to Young generation by Guru-Shisya system. Sanatan dharma is only religion which wasn’t spread through war and sword. Indians mainly defeated others in debate by answering their question after which they choose Santana Dharma.

There is no single Dharm shastra. But Vedas are considered to be superior to others. Vedas means knowledge. Many verses of Vedas still amazes modern scientist. Vedas talks about science, spirituality, philosophy, Yoga, Ayurveda, Questions, Answers and finally about Dharma- Adharma. Ancient Indians discovered various things mainly by reading Vedas. Concept of Atoms-Distance of earth from Sun- Metallurgy- Maths- space science and various other things. Vedas are called Author less and shruti. There are also some other Hindu Shastra such as Mahabharat and Ramayan and Upanishad. They all constitute a grand narrative of Hindus way of Life. Sanatana Dharma says that there is only one God who have many forms. We are in God and God is in Us. Everyone is divine.

Positive Points

  • Very flexible
  • Non- violent
  • Divine Concept
  • Science and Dharma co-exist
  • Oneness
  • Promotes questioning
  • Acceptance of Nastika
  • Yoga and Ayurveda
  • Direct connection to God
  • No central Authorities
  • Pro-Environment
  • Liberal
  • I can’t mention all in the single post

Negative Points: Let me know when you find one.

Disclaimer: I’m a hindu and explanation of all the religions are based on Hindus Gaze. I’m not claiming to be unbiased writer, if you think I’m wrong feel free to comment.

Many people pointed out that castism and Manu smiriti are the negative Points of Hinduism. So I’m here to break their misconception.

Caste: Originally ‘Varna System’, is not given by birth. It just classify people by the nature of work they do. For example when a person teaches students it becomes teacher and when the same person get teachings by some other person, he becomes a student. I don’t care how this got screwed, and it’s not a fault of Dharma that it’s followers wrongly interpreted it for their own personal gains.

Manu- Smiriti: First of all, the most hated Shastra scores more than any other Scriptures on any humanitarian index, so please stop calling it brutal. And if there is something inhumane in it, it can be changed as manu smriti calls for change in it according to time.

Apastamba Dharmasutra: Well many people don’t know about it, this Dharma Shastra can be regarded as Hindus law. This Shastra is known for its ultra liberal (for Westerners and westernized peoples. It is normal for a Hindu) on women and Shudra.

Way of life or Religion: Yes Hinduism is not religion as ‘religion’ is a very narrow term to describe Hinduism. It is Dharma, Hindu Dhrma. There is no word matching ‘Dharma’ in English or in fact any other language.Hinduism is Hindus way of life so are Christians way of life or Muslims way of life.

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