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Why liberals are called anti-national

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Social media is a platform where anyone can write or express his opinion on different issues related to nation, government and other social things and it plays a vital role in sharing the information and creating an opinion among the readers. But now a days or after 2014, social media is divided into ideologies of Left and Right. Left, which belongs to the opposition, and right, which identifies themselves as the supporter of ruling party.

On every incident related to mostly Hindu-Muslim and armed forces etc. there are only two types of opinions, one ideology- the right wing choose to support it and other one left starts opposing it, they (Left) also write meters long articles without any facts to justify why they are opposing it and since we already know that left has better establishment as compare to right so their views reach to masses earlier and easily than Right and they successfully set the narrative for their targeted audiences and if you question them for being a liar or for not doing a fact check, they term you an abusive troll or a right-wing militant group.

In reply to that, most of the RWs blame them for being anti national, (which is not entirely wrong). Then comes another famous victim play from left “we are being called anti-national because we criticize Modi/BJP government and easy escape (or we can call it a shifting the goalpost from the main topic of the debate). For which I disagree because people do not call them anti national for criticizing Modi. People call them anti-national because sometimes they start abusing nation because of their blind hate for Modi. There are many incidents to prove my point.

Let us start from a recent one; few days ago, one prominent leftist’s portal published a news in which they particularly highlighted how a Hindu RPF constable raped a Muslim woman during Ramzan in Yogi Adityanath’s Uttar Pradesh.

Most of the leftist celebrities started sharing it on Twitter Facebook and WhatsApp without doing a fact check and (you know who) demanded death penalty for the RPF Constable. Later the news turned out to be a fake news piece. But the damage was already done, narrative was set and since the news belonged to Uttar Pradesh where Yogi Adityanath is the CM hence, was well marketed that she was raped for being a Muslim. This is not the only damage this fake story caused, Former Hizbul Mujahideen commander Zakir Musa, in his first message as an al-Qaeda operative used the same fake story to incite Jihad in India, and he called Indian Muslims world’s most shameless Muslims for not joining Jihad. He also apologized to victim that Muslims did not avenge her rape.

So a fake story published by a leftist portal was used by a leftist news portal was used by a terrorist organization to incite Jihad in India and then they complain that they are being called antinational for criticizing Modi government.

Second incident is Gujarat boat story, when on a fine morning Indian Cost Guard claimed that they blew up a boat carrying terrorists near the shore of Gujarat. Top officials from Navy also claimed that it (the boat) was on a suicide mission. The consequences would have been disastrous had the boat slipped past our defenses”.

Our leftists (and when I say leftists it means complete opposition including congress and other small parties, which are in a race who turns out to be more secular) could not digest this success because they hate current ruling party. Therefore, they wrote articles claiming that the incident was fake. Praveen Swami even went further and claimed that according to his sources suspected on the boat were smugglers but not terrorists. I do not know what kind of source anyone can have in middle of the sea, which works better than our intelligence agencies.

However, at that time, both Pakistan defense agencies and our opposition were speaking the same language. Both Pakistan and Indian liberals called the incident a fake encounter.

Few days later India today published a report on the same incident where “The National Technical Research Organization (NTRO), which had recorded the radio communication between the two boats, revealed that the terrorists had plans to repeat 26/11 carnage in Porbandar.”

I do not know how successful they were in proving their agenda but don’t you think our security forces and intelligence agencies did a good job while saving us from a potential terrorist attack? Should not we applaud them for saving us? What else you were expecting they should have let the attack happen like 26/11? Doesn’t that degrade our armed forces’ reputation at the world level?

Let us come to another incident where court ordered life time punishment for Yakub Memon proven terrorist of Mumbai blast. Stage was all set for his hanging and what our leftists did? After trying hard enough to prove him innocent for all these years, they forced the Supreme Court to function at midnight just to save him from hanging though Supreme Court judges did not listen to their agenda and they allowed the hanging but this time also they successfully peddled the agenda. Indian express even went ahead and published a full page article with title AND THEY HANGED YAKUB by Rashmi RajputVivek Deshpande. What does this article prove? Who are “they” here? Didn’t you try to prove that a Right wing government in center hanged Yakub because according to his name he was a Muslim?

The agenda behind whole drama was “Yakub wasn’t hanged for being a terrorist he was hanged because he was a Muslim” and since Right wing government is ruling so only Muslims are being hanged. Another attempt to show our judiciary biased in front of the world. Another attempt to sell the propaganda of Pakistan and Jihadis that in India Muslims are not treated fairly. (Refer to Moussa’s Audio recording in first Para).

Let us come to Surgical strikes: last year army announced that they did a Surgical strikes across the border. Another indigestible bait for our leftists and opposition. They did all hue and cry to prove army a liar. Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal even asked for the proofs of surgical strikes from the army. At the time, both Pakistan enemy nation and our opposition were playing the same flute.

What does that mean? Were you criticizing only government there? Weren’t you supporting the enemy nation at that time? From Burhan to stone pelters from calling Army chief general dyer and Sadakchhap Gunda from Manishankar asking Pakistan’s help to remove Modi to Hafiz Saeed praising few Seculars because they are doing good work there are multiple incidents to prove that people do not call them antinational just because they criticize Modi. In their blind hatred for Modi, they have started abusing anything, which Modi does for the betterment of the country. During all these incidents in 3 years of Modi government our leftists chose to play the same flute what enemy nations wanted them to.

I do not think it would be too judgmental to call them antinational for all their good deeds.

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