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Presidential candidate Ramnath Kovind announcement triggers media meltdown

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Just the way “Why did Kattappa killed Bahubali” was catching nation’s interest; “Who will be next president” was much speculated in last few months. There were many names floated including Mohan Bhagwat, Sushma Swaraj, Venkiah Naidu, Rajaneekant, Draupadi Murmu, M S Swaminathan, TV Mohan Pai, Sudha Murthy, etc. Each one of them have excelled in their selected field and have managed to carve themselves high regard in public life. However BJP choose Ramnath Kovind as presidential candidate.

My first thought was who is Ramnath Kovind? He is 71-year-old leader from BJP. Born on October 1, 1945 in Kanpur, UP.  He has commerce & law degree from Kanpur university. Practiced law in high court & supreme court. He was also PS to ex-prime minister Morarjee Desai, Rajya sabha member from 1994 for 12 years. He has also represented India in United nations.  Served several boards including IIM, Kolkatta. He belongs to Dalit community, he was president of BJP Dalit Morcha 1998 -2002. On Aug 2015 he was appointed as governor of Bihar.

Now let’s look at what is the eligibility criteria for president post in India? Article 58 of the Indian Constitution says that the presidential candidate must:

  • Be a citizen of India.
  • Have completed the age of thirty-five years.
  • Be qualified for elections as a member of the Lok Sabha.
  • Not hold any office of profit under the Union or any State government, or any local or other authority.
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On above note, Ramnath candidature seems fairly well. Lets look at media reaction. Few prominent journalists were giving their first reaction, in the hurry they compared Ramnathan Kovind to Pratibha Patil! Agree both weren’t famous but media people are conveniently forgetting Mrs Patil’s alleged corruption case. On the contrary there was nothing to pin point against Mr. Ramanathan. There is no discussion on merit of his nomination. Just sledging in the name of freedom of expression.

Media picks only Dalit card to dismiss the BJP nomination. Where is research to go beyond obvious? Rather than creating conductive environment around president election they are in feeding their biases through the media. But as expected once again mainstream media shows blatant hate against BJP. Thus they are failing themselves.

With Ram Kovind nomination BJP has outsmart opposition. He has positive feedback from Nitish Kumar government, being UP dalit BJP has answered all the supporters of Bhim Army, Mayawati, Akhilesh and ilk. TRS, BJD have already extended support for BJP nomination. Couple of opposition are buying time to discuss in the party panel.

Media fails to expand their horizon beyond their limited myopia. Ideally they should convey voice of people but they have turned themselves as voice of some. This selective mentality is making them lose credibility. Though one can argue, biased views do generate buzz but one look at response shows most of the Indian Twiteratti reacts to negatively. Not all of them are troll. But people are kind of enjoying the media meltdown.

I can only imagine these selective outrage if Mohan Bhagawat were selected for top job!

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