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Mahaghatbandhan – What does it mean to common people?

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With resounding BJP victory election after election, all the opposition parties & political pundits are cozying up on the idea of grand opposition front or Mahaghatbandhan. Currently an exercise to bring all the opposition parties under one roof is running in the pursuit of presidential elections. Media is covering this as next big & only logical step for survival of Non BJP parties. I would like to bring it you why this may not be real game changer in 2019 elections.

First lets consider the major participants of Mahaghatbandhan, Pan India presence, I can only think Congress except Karnataka no other state is independently governed by Congress & at some states its in distinct 3rd/4th position. Hindi heartland has number of parties considering alliance, such as SP, BSP, JMM, JDU, RJD etc. Only in Bihar they have government otherwise BJP is flavor of the recent election. Down South, Telagu speaking AP, Telanagana are ruling parties are part of NDA or supporting on conditional subject. BJP/RSS is working hard on getting its foot in Tamilnadu & Kerala. Without Amma & with ongoing infighting in AIDMK, DMK would definitely try to get lost ground. NCP is basically congress faction. It is naturally tilted towards congress but Modi calling Pawar political guru & honouring him with Padma Vibhushana adds a twist!

Communists & TMC – If these two parties come together, lets say this would be classic example of desperate times as BJP yet to demonstrate solid electoral victory in Bengal. NC – they were partners in UPA and may continue with grand alliance. On the fence – AAP and Arvind Kejriwala might have learnt lesson after multiple electoral defeats & might jump in this ship for electoral gain. BJP going strong with grass root strengthening its cadre BJD may tempted to join the grand alliance. As far as north-east is considered, most of the regional parties are with BJP in the name of North East Democratic Alliance. This forum consists Naga People’s Front, Sikkim Front, People’s Party of Arunachal, Asom Gana Parishad and Bodoland People’s Front.

All these parties have their own agenda & have/were succeeded in their own. But how do they present them under singular identity? Agenda, ideology, common points to work upon?

Agenda: Opposition to BJP, PM Narendra Modi & binding by so-called secularism cannot be only one liner agenda to counter the narrative of development, Hindutva, anti corruption, nationalism, politics of appeasement. Congress has its fault line in terms of corruption then they have the burden Lalu, Maran & JMM. Would the Jatavs who were voting for Mayavati still vote for her when they see Akhilesh in the same stage? Or the Yadavs would still vote for SP? Communists & TMC are known for their Goondagiri. Now their joint target is RSS & BJP in Bengal & Kerala. What is grand alliance answer to army of nationalists against National conference divisive politics? Can their secularism still get them votes? This was noticed in UP elections instead of getting undivided votes of Muslims & other minorities they rather activated the common consensus among Hindu votes. And Muslim women did support PM Narendra Modi.

Who will lead? When we have seen enough failures for Raga would Priyanka finally step in or Madam Sonia will lead from front? Other parties have their own leaders who are nurturing the ambitions to become PM erstwhile Mulayam, Sharad Pawar, Nitish Kumar, Mamta Banajree & Arvind Kejariwal. My bet is this grand alliance cannot afford to disclose the name for PM candidate. They will sing in chorus, leader will be elected post elections. One thing sure, their elections banner will be no less than 10 heads, does that reminds you Ravana? I am joking.

Manifesto: Instead of saying what their manifesto should contain, I am writing what they do not want to repeat from earlier fiasco. Congress may raise their hand & vow not to repeat the absolute mega scams like Coalgate, 2G, 3G, common wealth, etc. They will not consider MMS as PM. Their will not be multiple power centers. TMC will not be part of chit funds. Mamta Didi isn’t anti Hindu rather true secular, nationalistic & anti corruption crusader. JDU will not act liquor ban at national level, NC will respect nationalistic views of Indians & its pro-military in Kashmir, Communists will add positively to defeat the Naxalisam propaganda, AAP will not do the daily drama, Kejriwal will stop using unparliamentary words for PM Modi, and mother of all if still India rejects Mahaghatbandhan at 2019 they will not blame EVM.

What voter may think of grand alliance? Some are traditional Congress, DMK, SP, BSP voters, they would still vote them. Still I would closely follow Amethi & Raibareli elections. For most of us this  may remind “Alibaba & Chalis Chor”! My only request to readers is cast your vote with a thought.

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