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How communists persecute the RSS in Kerala

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Gaurav Singhal
Gaurav Singhal
Coffee Addicted, Often Writer, Proud Bharatiya

“We should learn (how to kill adversaries) from Bengalis. They do it without shedding even a drop of blood. They kidnap people, bury their bodies in deep pit . The world will not (even) know about the blood.”

The macabre-sounding lines above were not uttered by Idi Amin or Pol Pot. They are not from a horror novel. They were not even said by a demonic dictator or a psychopath behind bars. These lines were reportedly articulated by the present CM of Kerala, Pinarayi Vijayan.

What the former Kerala CPM secretary (and now the CM) said to his close comrades is just a tip of the iceberg. The God’s own country, a misnomer used for Kerala where state sponsored massacres of BJP and RSS workers are the norm of the day, has turned into a hell for people not subscribing to the communist ideology.

All in all, more than 267 RSS workers and volunteers have been butchered in the state of Kerala (official figures, unofficial figure might be much higher) in the past 50 years and among these, 232 have been killed by the communists.

16 RSS volunteers and associated workers have been put to death since 2010. In a tragic turn of events, 32-year-old BJP worker Remith was hacked to death in the Pinarayi village, and what aggravates this tragedy is that in 2002 his father too was murdered by the communist goons. Entire families and clans have been wiped off for voting for the BJP.

The blood-soaked political history of Kerala has left a long trail of tragedies among those who dare to defy the tyranny of the communists. Allegedly, more than 1500 persons have got their limbs chopped off, blinded or rendered bedridden due to injuries inflicted by the Communists.

As highlighted by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi in one of the rallies, the indefatigable Sadanandan Master ji’s both the legs were chopped off by the communists simply for having a different political opinion and wanting to express his opinion through the available democratic means provided by our Constitution.

In a recent display of aggression and political intolerance, the CPI(M) activists vandalised the newly-inaugurated office of the RSS. According to reports, the 10-member gang not just smashed the windows and equipment inside the Kesava Seva Kendram in Thalassery, they also threatened women and children that were present at the premises.

The mainstream media, mostly dominated by Left-influenced journalists and intellectuals, either largely ignores the communist violence in Kerala, or presents the narrative in such a manner that it seems as if violence originates from all sides, that both the RSS-BJP combined and the communists inflict violence on each other and casualties are on both the sides.

This is far from the truth. In fact, if you believe the mainstream English media, it’s the life of Pinarayi that is in danger, such is the travesty that goes on in the name of news and analysis.

The entire law and administrative infrastructure is either controlled by the communists themselves, or the governments sympathetic towards the communists and hostile towards the RSS. Pinarayi becoming the CM, despite having a violent history against the RSS-BJP supporters, despite the documented evidence of his psychopathic tendencies, is one of the biggest examples of state patronage of use of murderous attacks on RSS supporters and sympathizers in the state. How can violence be from both the sides if the entire state machinery is controlled by the communists.

Communists, with the help of their intellectual friends in the mainstream media, have perfected the art of running with the hair and hunting with the hounds. While their communist comrades on the ground unleash waves upon waves of terror their intellectual comrades create a narrative to show that it’s the communists who are being victimized. This narrative need to be changed and the real truth needs to be brought to the fore.

According to this report, Kerala is the only state in India where there are “party grams” or villages, especially in the violence-ridden Kannur district, where only communists can enter and live. Even during the polls only the members of the CPI M can enter these areas.

The institutionalized violence in Kerala has gone unabated for many decades and despite an unparalleled streak of violence the brave RSS workers have been carrying on their work whether it is empowering the poorest of the poor at the grassroots level or by creating a groundswell of opposition to the sanguinary communist rule under the yoke of brutality. The bravery of these relentless RSS workers is unparalleled who have been carrying on their work in one of the most hostile territories in the world.

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Gaurav Singhal
Gaurav Singhal
Coffee Addicted, Often Writer, Proud Bharatiya
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