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Hindu Astrology: The forgotten science

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Astrology needs no introduction. Its used in almost every important walk of our life. This science has been passed onto us by our ancestors who themselves were great practitioners and expert predictors. In fact, astrology is also an important part of Vedangas, meaning this knowledge was imparted by Gurus to their Shishyas in ancient India, which ensured its continuation.

In the course of time, our country faced many invasions, and the subsequent establishment of foreigners’ rule, which systematically tried to erode our culture and practices by replacing it with their own. Although damages were done, they were not significant enough to totally wipe out our culture. The fact that astrology is still practiced today is a testament in itself.

Now, there are proponents and objectors of this science. Why I am calling it science is because astrology is based on mathematical calculations, based on which planets are aligned and after which predictions made. Proponents say this is a gift from our ancient Rishis, while those against it say this is pure superstition that does not hold water in our modern world. The problem is that the latter have not provided solid arguments to defuse the backers of astrology. The only premise on which they are basing their argument is that astrologers often go wrong in making predictions and that the astrologers’ community do not concur among themselves. Here lies the problem. Those against astrology have always run into ‘pseudo-astrologers’ and not genuine ones. Had they come across real ones, they would have found it difficult to counter them. Moreover, genuine astrologers are very difficult to find nowadays. BV Raman, KN Rao, etc are some of the astrologers who have done extensive original research in the area of astrology and also made fairly successful predictions.

The point here to make is that astrology as a subject should not be disputed, but astrologers must be. Astrologers making wrong predictions does not mean that astrology is a fake science. Its the astrologers who must be taken to task for misguiding the people and bringing disrepute to this ancient science. The stupid daily predictions supposedly based on one’s zodiac sign that we see on our idiot boxes (TV) everyday must end. This has done serious damage to the profession of astrology. But that does not even seem to be on the horizon. And this continues to give more ammunition to the opponents to target and tarnish astrology.

The current govt. must seriously think about introducing astrology as a subject of study. It must also devise ways to end this stupid everyday predictions that has done more harm than good to astrology. Courts have already given a favourable verdict to astrology, so there is no need to worry from that end. The only thing the govt must ensure is that people should have access to genuine astrology and astrologers. That will certainly preserve the science and will also attract more students towards it.

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