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Astrological predictions are no magic

This is the true value of predictive astrology: showing you the probabilities so that you may take full advantage of the fortunate times, and also to warn you about the negative tendencies, so that you may have better chance of avoiding mishaps, overcoming negative thoughts and making the best out of unpleasant situations.

How Saturn retrograde in Astrology affects human beings

During Saturn retrograde the person suffers from accident which injures his right leg and affects his concentration power.

Scientific evidence of Astrology

In March 1951, an American radio engineer John H.Nelson discovered that there was a degradation in propagation of radio waves with respect to different position of planets and at different angles.

Hindu Astrology: The forgotten science

Against the popular belief of superstitious, Astrology is based on mathematical calculations, based on which planets are aligned and after which predictions made.

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