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How Saturn retrograde in Astrology affects human beings

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How planet Saturn affects human beings during retrograde

In Astrology, Saturn represents “deep thinking”. A person having well placed Saturn in birthchart can become a Scientist. Saturn also represents patience, structure(rigidity), limitations in Astrology.

Saturn which is represented by Skeleton in Astrology represents birth and death. Saturn represents right leg,bones,concentration in relation to humans in Astrology. Saturn is said to represent servants and old age people according to Astrology. Saturn is represented by colour Black. Saturn is represented by element Iron.

According to Vedic/Sidereal Astrology,Saturn represents Crow/Raven.

Modern Science has come to the conclusion that Crow/Raven is the most intelligent birds. According to Psychology,a person who loves Black colour has the most colourful mind. Colour Black has different association in different cultures and represents death. According to medical Science the left brain lobe controls the right part of the body and similarly right brain lobe controls the left part of the body.

Saturn in Astrology during retrograde affects concentration and the person suffering from Saturn retrograde is met with an accident where his/her right leg is injured. So from the above images we see that left brain lobe functions are:

detail oriented(requires concentration)
rational thinking and thought process.

From the above image we can see that frontal lobe of human brain is responsible for concentration and problem solving. Now as we know that left brain lobe controls right part of the body(right leg).

According to Dr. Percy Seymour (British Astrophysicist and Astronomer), PhD the revolving planets orchestrates Solar Activity and Geomagnetism. Therefore the revolving planets plays a major role in development of brain and body of human baby: “The Sun, Moon, and planets telegraph their effects to us via magnetic signals, says Seymour, an astrophysicist and respected authority in the field of cosmic magnetism. Omnipresent throughout the universe, magnetism is known to affect the biological cycles of numerous creatures here on Earth, including humans. In sum, Seymour’s multi-link theory proposes that the planets raise tides in the gases of the Sun, creating sunspots and their particle emissions, which then travel across interplanetary space to strike Earth’s magnetosphere, ringing it like a bell.These planetary magnetic signals are then perceived by the neural network of the fetus inside the mother’s womb, heralding the child’s birth.”

So from above details we can say that Saturn is responsible for controlling left brain lobe and frontal brain lobe in humans.

From above images we know that Gamma waves(EEG) is for concentration and problem solving which comes under band range of 30 to 100+ Hertz(Hz).

During Saturn retrograde the person suffers from accident which injures his right leg and affects his concentration power. So from above details we can conclude that Saturn affects thinking power which is analytical thinking power.

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