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Astrological predictions are no magic

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Exclaim the word ‘Astrology’ in a group of people and you will have ambivalent reactions. Many might say it’s magical, mysterious! While others might utter — it’s complete nonsense! In fact, these views are based on a misunderstanding of the nature of how astrology really works.

As life unfolds we often see that more often than not the circumstances are way beyond our control. We are mere spectators to this complex web of life. Nonetheless, there are situations over which we can exercise some degree of influence by using our free will. As a compass guides the sailor to navigate his ship, astrology can help us steer our lives and help us make the most of it while we are here.

Do you grab the newspaper supplement the first thing in the morning to read your daily forecast? The answer for a majority of us is obvious and i.e. yes. We often tend to ignore the fact that reading the forecast for the day can have a strong impact on our mind and can greatly influence our actions in both positive and negative ways.

For instance, if a persons forecast reads that an accident might happen today — reading that a few would like to take a day off from work and choose not to drive, others might drive more carefully, while there will be others who would say: ‘I don’t care’. A majority of us fail to understand that this forecast of course is not a precise prediction, but rather a statement, based on certain astrological techniques, about an increased probability of a certain type of event occurring. This is the true strength of astrology: not to tell you what is going to happen (since that is beyond its capabilities), but rather, to inform you about the probabilities of certain types of events occurring.

This might come as a surprise to the true believer and might even sound disappointing. Delving into it further can help banish this disappointment. God must have had a reason when He chose not to reveal the future to us before it’s time. The reason is straightforward — if the future was totally predetermined, and if it were possible to predict future events exactly, life would become so distressful. Imagine if something unpleasant was predicted for you, you would be living in constant dread, and if a positive thing was predicted, you would become complacent and wait for it to happen. Resultant, you will not experience the immense joy living in the present moment brings.

On the other hand, if these predictions are taken with sound judgment and the positive will to change circumstances, astrology can be a boon. Astrologers with sound knowledge in the field can help you identify the good and not so good trends for Love, Money, Health, Career, Business, Travel and everything else based on your natal charts. How you use this information depends on your free will. Astrology does not take your free will away from you.

For instance, an astrologer predicts that you can make loads of money this month in the stock market. You take his prediction seriously and do all you can to study market trends, meet stock brokers, buy/sell the right shares etc. and as a result you may end up making huge profit. Thus, you will realize that correct astrological predictions are no magic, but are often backed by the strong urge of the person seeking prediction to act and make the best of situations that life has unfolded for him.

This is the true value of predictive astrology: showing you the probabilities so that you may take full advantage of the fortunate times, and also to warn you about the negative tendencies, so that you may have better chance of avoiding mishaps, overcoming negative thoughts and making the best out of unpleasant situations.

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