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Two best solutions to Kashmir issue

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1) Simple Solution: (which Pakistan may NOT accept)

i) Currently, nearly Half Kashmir is in India. Another half Kashmir is in Pakistan. So, let’s make this current boundary as an International Boundary forever.

ii) Whosoever feel NOT happy in Indian Kashmir can migrate to Pakistani Kashmir. Also, the vice versa: whosoever feel not happy in Pakistani Kashmir can migrate to Indian Kashmir.

iii) All Indian Kashmiri protesters must get deported from Indian Kashmir to Pakistani Kashmir and Pakistani Government must take responsibility of their Rehabilitation in Pakistani Kashmir.

iv) Similarly, all Pakistani Kashmiri protesters must get deported from Pakistani Kashmir to Indian Kashmir and Indian government must take responsibility and arrangements for their rehabilitation.

2) Complex (but could be the BEST Solution) :

India and Pakistan governments must Sign the following 15 points Treaty along with a BIG Condition.

India will handover Kashmir (excluding Jammu and Ladakh) to Pakistan, If and only if Pakistan gives Pakistani citizenship to all Indian Muslims, and rehabilitate them in Pakistan. Similarly, India must give Indian citizenship to all Pakistani Hindus/Sikhs and help them to come India.

Peaceful Exchange of population has to be done  on the basis of religion in 10 years duration, before the transfer of power of Indian Kashmir to Pakistan.

Anybody who is not ready to get exchanged in the other country, can stay in the same country on permanent visa without any Voting Rights & without any government job.

(like NRI  are staying in Dubai, Saudi Arabia and other gulf countries on Visa)

Reason: Suppose today India handover Kashmir, and tomorrow West Bengal becomes Muslim majority province, and after that majority of Bengali Muslims start demanding Freedom for West Bengal, start militancy to get included in Pakistan. (citing 1947’s Jinnah Philosophy: Muslim majority provinces are part of  Pakistan). And then Pakistan comes in their support as well (like it doing in Kashmir’s case), then.

So, to have permanent peace between India and Pakistan, and for mutual progress, exchange of population based on religion has to be done.

The 15 points procedure as per the Treaty

i) First of all, Indian Muslims asked to settle in Pakistan within period of 10 years & all Pakistani Hindus/Sikhs asked to settle in India within a Period of 10 years.

ii) Whole process must take place peacefully in planned way  in time span of 10 years.

iii) In case of any riots/killing of minorities, India is free to break the treaty and will not handover Indian Kashmir to Pakistan. So, peaceful Hindu/Sikh-Muslim exchange must be done.

iv) Both Governments will arrange Trains, Buses & Flight facilities to the people getting exchanged.

v) Pakistan Military will take Hindu/Sikh families to Wagah Border in their security. Similarly, Indian Military will take Muslim families to Wagah Border in their security.

vi) There shall be a UN delegation and human rights watch together with delegation of Ministers of both countries watching this exchange going into other country.

vii) Pakistan will pay fare of all Indian Muslims traveling from India to Pakistan & India will pay fare of all Pakistani Hindus/Sikhs travelling to India.

viii) Citizenship of all Muslims staying in India will be cancelled & they will start staying on permanent visa without voting Rights. Similarly, citizenship of all Hindus/Sikhs staying in Pakistan will be cancelled & they assumed staying on permanent visa without voting rights.

ix) Also, these visa residents will not get any Government job.

Their situation will be like Indians/Pakistanis staying in Gulf Countries on visa.

x) Muslims can acquire Indian citizenship only if they Convert to any Kafir religion (Hinduism/Sikhism/Buddhism/Jainism).

Similarly, Hindus/Sikh can get Pakistani citizenship only if they accept Islam.

xi) If any Muslim gets married to a Hindu, in that case as well, Muslim will not be getting Indian citizenship, and he/she has to stay on permanent visa.

Their children will get Indian citizenship only if they accept any Kafir religion, else they have to stay on visa lifetime without voting rights.

Similarly, Hindus/Sikhs can’t give votes in Pakistani elections and will never get citizenship.

If any Hindu/Sikh gets married to a Muslim, then also  that Hindu/Sikh have to stay in Pakistan on visa, and their children have to follow Islam to get Pakistani citizenship, else they have to stay on visa lifetime without voting rights.

xii) There shall be no exchange of Christians, because Muslims consider Christians as the People of book, so Pakistan supposed to take charge of Pakistani Christians. Similarly, Indians do not have any problem with Indian Christians, as India born religions (Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism) are broad minded.

xiii) European countries and America can intervene in case of ill-treatment with Christians in Pakistan.

xiv) After 10 years of population exchange, India will hand-over Kashmir area to Pakistan. After that India will be declared as a Kafir Nation with equal rights to all Kafirs (Non-Muslims).

xv) Jammu, Ladakh and Amarnath area will stay in India. & Pakistan has to give an affidavit that it will never support any separatist group in India. Same, will be applicable with India.


a) India will finally get 2nd freedom- 2nd Azaadi- From 800 years old Islāmic Imperialism.

b) Terror attacks will stop in India.

c) Hindus can construct Ram Mandir & can occupy full Krishna Janmbhoomi.

d) India & Pakistan will become friends.

e) Trade and tourism will boost between India and Pakistan.


Small Sacrifice has to be done for the wider interest of country. Increasing Muslim population is a threat for the unity and integrity of India.

Whatsoever secular-gang says, but fact is that Muslim majority state can’t be secular. History tells nations where Muslim became majority, they posed danger to existence of original non-Muslim inhabitants of that land.

In current scenario, neither can we ask Muslims to adopt population control methods, nor they will do so.

Whole world was Pagan, until 500 BC. But, in the name of Christianity and Islam, Pagans got killed, converted or forced to flee.

Muslim Radicals are trying to complete Gazwa-e-Hind from last 1000 years. Already they occupied 50% of original Indian land (Afghanistan+Pakistan+Bangladesh+Kashmir). Now, their strategy is to control rest of India by making it a Muslim Majority state.

Indian born religions (Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism) and Indian refugee religions (Parsi, Bahai) will suffer and will be on the verge of Extinction in a Muslim majority India.

So, for saving the existence of Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism, Parsi, Bahai; it is necessary to deport Muslims to Pakistan and allow remaining Muslims to live in India on visa with condition that they will adopt population control methods.

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