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Indian feminism: Not for Indian rural women

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Indian feminists: a combination of elite, high class, privileged women who have read too much social science and men who are mostly looking for potential dating partners. This platoon is easily visible on social media grounds fighting for their specifics needs like selection of toys, types of razors, size of watches and hankies but they hardly talk about the real concerns of Indian females.

Now, in this article I don’t want to get into a debate what are the real challenges or issues for Indian women, here I am looking for another triggering point for these pseudo-feminists.

Yesterday when I was looking at a major feminist Twitter handle ‘FeminismInIndia’; their cover photo struck my mind. They quote: ‘Feminism is for everyone’. But if someone observe this photograph with an analytical point of view, it is a clear deliberate attempt to overlook a major portion of Indian women- Rural Indian women.

Now the sad truth is this elite class of educated do not even consider the rural women as their focus group. They have given representation to other sections i.e. modern-urban women, office going class, handicapped, minority, colored group and even to queer section but as always a less-educated, Ghoonghat wearing village women do not deserve an iota of Indian feminism. These feminists never considered rural Indian women as the part of feminist movement.

They say Ghoonghat is a symbol of patriarchy and oppression but at the same time hijab is #FOE and a choice and we can see this theory in given photo. As 68% of Indian female population lives in rural area but the gang is more focused on copying west and awarding brownie points themselves. They just copy and import west modernity with its gender biases and fight it by methods of western 3rd wave feminism. They never stand for promoting female education, women safety, female foeticide as strongly as they cry for gender identification and right to abortion. This group is so self focused while busy copying west that they can not even get a single original idea and unable to see Indian feminine issues.

So, my humble request to this group is to stop discriminating and hating rural women and instead of virtue signalling they should raise and solve the problems. A feminist shouldn’t just mean by man-bashing, bindi brigade but the warrior who fights for equality.

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