Saturday, February 27, 2021



Four More shots: How the web series is conveying wrong messages to today’s youth about freedom and Feminism.

The web series claims to be feminist but instead of showing women empowerment and a idea about having an ideal future that may motivate young girls to work hard to make their future bright it propagates the idea of having multiple affairs as a form of freedom and Feminism which doesn't qualify as a ideal future for many girls.

Mirror mirror on the wall

If we were to take a different view of such pageants and scratch beneath the surface, it tells a different and damning story.

Bollywood & its Feminists

#metoo in bollywood is not working because of obvious reasons.

Sabarimala Case: An agonizing Verdict

The verdict which claims to 'FAVOUR' women, agonized them instead, because they never were the petitioners.

This is how true feminism is defined not the one that the liberals claim

Feminism should be about 'equality' and not about males inferior to females.

Why women don’t like politics

Why politics is a 'masculine' occupation?: A woman's perspective.

Indian feminism: Not for Indian rural women

Indian feminists' focus group for 'justice' is Indian urban woman not rural Indian woman.

What it means to be a Feminist in India

The take of being a woman in India

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