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The game of one way Freedom to Dissent & the baking news

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An common Indian who is now seeing what media is not showing ! The motives behind the news ! The ugly debates ! How neutrality commits suicide when it's today's media. Jai Hind

There is no nation in the world, where people shy from praising their own nation! There are absolutely no question marks when it comes to the kind of feelings about one’s own nation. But now, people who always had one excuse or the other to not salute the Tricolor, people who borrowed foreign communist ideology, people who lost their chairs and power in the last Loksabha Elections are suddenly enlightened by coining new terms like FoE, Right to Dissent etc etc. For 70 odd years everything was so fine, so peaceful, so free and suddenly in past couple of years it seems that all has changed.

Can anyone tell me, who will stop me from my Freedom of Expression for my love towards my country? Who will stop? In the same manner who is stopping certain people to appreciate their own motherland? The sad part is today’s media. They are mostly left ideologist, communism is their thought process and when journalism commits suicide shedding neutral nature & adopts one certain line of thoughts suddenly the news start changing.

A year back, students in late 20s and 30s (termed scholars by media) and still studying at university campus on our taxes were alleged of ranting Azaadi slogans and one English news channel got a free pass to cover the university campus for almost 2-3 weeks, there was a high voltage drama, then there were leaders from various parties whom the majority of voters had rejected in Lok Sabha giving regular attendance at the said campus. This channel projected it so much just because it was his smile that attracted one of this channels’ editor but she overlooked what hate this guy was blabbering, just because she herself was in middle of so many taped controversies, its enough for even the dumbest person to understand what kind of people we have doing journalism.

During the same time, there was an opposite scenario in another university, the NIT, Kashmir. They too were students, they too had a voice to raise, they too had genuine issues, but the same media didn’t even dare to enter the campus and cover them. The students used social media platforms like FB to post the ground situation and the kind of fear they were living in. The locals dominated their voice and in the media houses in Delhi, it was pin drop silence. Two sides of the same coin? Or two different angles of ideology (which these media houses follow)?

There is an English news channel which claims to be a National Channel itself and had the most controversial Editor cum Journalist (who is no more associated to the channel though) covered Taj & Kargil live from ground zero & what happened? Her ground zero coverage always gave our side of operations to the ones sitting in Pakistan and helped them make the time of our brave soldiers, policemen in Mumbai toughest one. We lost so many brave soldiers and policemen, we lost so many parents, grandparents, kids so many.

Now just a 20 yr little girl came to limelight for her alleged peaceful message displayed on placards. Just 20? At 18 Indian laws say you are eligible to vote and choose your representative. At 18 a girl is matured enough by laws to choose her life partner but then this media covered her side of the story by her age again. What a drama of playing placards by mentioning Pakistan didn’t kill her dad, war did! My dearest sister (and I mean it, Sister), in the history of the whole world every soldier was killed because of war but what made you specify Pakistan? What? Didn’t you thought for one moment that your stand itself means giving clean chit to Pakistan? I have no arguments for the second part, because its truth that war killed not only soldiers but civilians too world over. But, If you are fighting for peace as u say… Stop fighting (the word you used ‘Fighting’ itself is not peaceful).

Placard or Playcard

You should be rather striving and when you start with a point that can’t be a universal acceptable truth, there will be opposite views to counter and if they are trolls as media tags them and then play the victim card, Miss Mehar read carefully “The fact is – You trolled the whole nation!” How can one forget that your dad and thousands of other brave soldiers who have earned such a huge respect by their supreme sacrifice for their Mother Land? Sometimes media tags you young, feisty, intelligent and in the very next hour the same channel tags you “Just 20”. Did any of the Martyrs in the whole world get a chance to say “My dad would be proud of me”? No, they laid their lives for love, they laid their lives for us and what are we doing? Have you intellectuals ever thought about a small country Japan, totally destroyed 7 decades ago and the transformation without the use of placards? Has anyone heard about Japanese students crying foul and coming out in the name of dissent? They did it by their work, even today Japanese quality is a class in its own. How?

Ok. Now for the ones who were hurt by comments from the likes of Sehwag, Yogeshwar Dutt, Babita Phogat etc etc. They made India proud by their work and how about you all? For the ones supporting girls holding a poster “ABVP is like a bra” is FoE and not abusive? But anyone who opposes in general is termed a Bhakt or a Sanghi. What the hell this media is doing and promoting what? Glorifying criminal mindsets? One set of students can use foul language, one set of politicians can abuse anyone on Twitter or in public rallies, one set of media is the only supreme truth, the moment the other set reacts, oh they are all trolls. If these Indian sportsmen had an opinion or a counter view, they shared it and the moment they shared, came out the victim card. The one way Freedom to Dissent, the one way Freedom of Expression got exposed. People or rather world renowned celebrities came out in open to term these sportsmen less literate.

I wonder where did the educational sense of these celebrities commit suicide while highlighting them as inferiors. The ones who brought laurels to nation. Is this what they talk about giving respect to others views? Right to Dissent? And when common people object or post their views they all are mass tagged as either RWs or Sanghis or Bhakts. I wish to question these mass taggers, by accepting your own logic should we think you the opposites to all the above i.e. LWs, Anti Hindus or Atheists? Its like, everyone I don’t like is a Sanghi or a Bhakt! These so called liberals have only character: That they don’t have any character, they do not want discipline, they want a free run for everything with no morals attached.

A one line advice to all such liberals and their messiahs: Your freedom ends where my nose (the pride of my country) starts.

The funniest part is of my own experience on Twitter in mid of this controversial time: A person twitted his daughter’s experience at an English Channel’s studio how the audience was pre-trained in the name of instructions, how one of the popular shows was organized and while twitting the fact he had tagged the then host, a journo, an editor in chief etc etc of that particular channel. What comes next? A reply from the journo: I don’t know why are you tagging me, I am no more associated to it. Tag the concerned ones. Now this incident had happened when she was the host according to the thread by the father. When I twitted with a hashtag #TagThatPerson(Name) suddenly this crusader of Freedom to Dissent at JNU got into act and took out an arm to kill my Freedom to Dissent. That was the Block Button. Lol! This is what happens when you encounter dissent, easy said than done. I wonder if any ex minister, undergoing trial, in any court of law applies the same logic and asks the court to untag himself from the case because he is no more the minister or his party is no longer in power or he is no more associated to the party during which the alleged scam had taken place. Will the alleged ministers be acquitted? Such a stupid logic! You certainly can’t get away with your deeds. Karma haunts you back.

A son of a Head Master can’t be a terrorist

A daughter of a Martyr can’t talk wrong

A son of a maid can’t be anti national

This is how some of news channels have been so far, Can they guarantee that not a single son of Head Master, Daughter of Martyr, Son of a maid was ever convicted? If these media personnel are to be believed then the D world itself is a product of a Head Constable family. With all respect to the parents and their sacrifices, their loyalty what media is doing is, shielding the culprits by the merits of their parents. Stupid glorification that’s dangerous for India’s internal peace. Protecting criminal mindsets, glorifying them, attaching caste to every incident, attaching religion to every incident. Is this news?

My simple question to all the Scholar Teachers at these university campuses, their students and the section of Media glorifying “Humko Chahiye Aazadi” and even surprised that the Yuvraj of India’s oldest political party too was supporting you all. My question to him too: What happened on 15th August, 194 ? Was it not freedom? Or was it just a transfer of power and appointment of premiers (yes appointment)? The root of pain lies here. The selected ones in the initial days of freedom took the chairs for granted and passed on to family members as if they were the legal heirs.

As time passed by and the transformation of ballot voting to EVM happened, the more the people got educated, the more was insecurity mounting on these families who were appointed as premiers and were loosing political grounds decades after decade. Then came the clarification “Bharat se Nahi, Bharat Mei” and that was the most hilarious U turn. If anyone wants Azaadi within India, I would request those doubting to check their FB friend’s list, their social circle, their business circle. The list will itself tell you how beautiful is our country and how beautiful is the unity in diversity in reality.

2014 was the worst for many well established politicians. I won’t call it Tsunami or Modi Wave, I will term it as frustration of people of India in general gave a collective overwhelming mandate and people saw in Modi something which was missing in a muted remote controlled era of one decade. This not only changed the political equations but also unsettled the ones who were associated with the longest serving government for years and were so comfortable working with them, for them, directly or indirectly. This outcome of 2014 elections sent shivers to many and what was seen as immediate effect was the Yuvraj skipping the dinner party of the outgoing PM who had served the Nation for 10 long years. Few days back he was talking about respecting an Ex PM and this is the same Ex PM whose farewell was not important for this Yuvraj who had to urgently fly somewhere just for the urgency known to himself. This is the same Yuvraj who tore an ordinance passed by the same cabinet just for sake of publicity. This is the same Yuvraj who suddenly hijacked his minister’s press conference like ‘Fata Poster Nikla Hero’ but failed miserably.

This is how some of news channels have been so far. Can they guarantee that not one criminal caught was not a son of Head Master, Daughter of Martyr, Son of a maid? Stupid glorification that’s dangerous for India’s internal peace. Protecting criminal mindsets, glorifying them, attaching caste to every incident, attaching religion to every incident. Is this news? Remember 1980’s Doordarshan? So peaceful, so meaningful, no nonsense only news and so decent.

When Kanhaiya was questioned about age, media protected him for his smile, when Mehar was opposed media called her just 20 and anyone who disagreed to her views was termed Troll. Wow FoE & Freedom to Dissent! This same media committed suicide when a just 15 year innocent girl Jhanvi Behal challenged Kanhaiya. No not even Barkha Dutt spared her. She was not even 20 but media didn’t like her because this little girl was talking about nationalism and talking in a simple language, that, normally any STD 10th class student would have, full of innocence and pride and love for their nation. Time to wake up and realize what we see in news is not news. It’s baked, it’s twisted it’s a dangerously scripted game which may ruin our future and integrity of India. Wake up and say without shame. Let the heartbeats dance to the tune of “Bharat Mata Ki Jai”. We are Indians First. My dear friends we may belong to different religions, castes but when the world sees us they call us ‘Indians’. That’s our global identity. Let’s be proud of it. “Bharat Mata Ki Jai”.

If the loud chants in one voice Sachin.. Sachin could electrify atmosphere of a whole stadium, chanting Bharat Mata Ki Jai can electrify the whole nation. Say loud with pride I love India. Time to be aware, time to refrain ourselves from getting carried away by how news are broadcast, Time for the youth to use their senses, we have been living in a friendly world, lets not destroy the peace of current time and the future of generation next by getting carried away by false propaganda.

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An common Indian who is now seeing what media is not showing ! The motives behind the news ! The ugly debates ! How neutrality commits suicide when it's today's media. Jai Hind
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