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BJP’s Era begins in Telangana State

The people of Telangana have started to reject the abusing, arrogance ruling of KCR party. The MLC elections and Lok Sabha elections are the testimony to this fact.


A kind of Messiah

The Modi impact should be seen from the sheer change of thinking which has come about – from “Mujko Kya Milega?” to “Desh ke liye kiya acha hai”.

बांग्लादेश चुनाव परिणाम भाजपा के लिए केस स्टडी हो सकते हैं

लोगों का आकर्षण “मोदी” से अधिक उनकी दबंग हिंदूवादी छवि के प्रति था। उन्हें शेख हसीना से सीखना चाहिए कि सबको साथ लेकर चलने के लिए इच्छाशक्ति की जरूरत होती है छवि बदलने की नहीं।

2019: Path ahead for BJP

Opposition has accepted it that they are in tight-corner. Not even ‘Mega Grand Alliance’ is going to help them if they don’t sense the very different mood of New India.

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