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BJP’s Era begins in Telangana State

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The dream of Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao (KCR) federal front and forming a National Party came to an end with the verdict of Lok Sabha elections 2019. The results were a shocker to KCR who won a landslide victory just 5 months back in December 2018.

In Lok Sabha Elections 2019, BJP won 4 crucial constituencies seats against one seat in 2014 elections. But the Telangana state ruling TRS party claims that Modi wave was the effect for TRS loss.

But the ground realities are different. The opposition parties during Assembly elections in December 2018 created an image that KCR is B-team of Modi. Since 2014, KCR supported major decisions of Modi government such as Demonetisation and GST. This made the people think that KCR is in alliance with BJP. The people voted for the pink party in assembly polls and rewarded a landslide victory.

The revolt on TRS party began when KCR failed to appoint full-fledged Cabinet for two months even after assuming the office in December 2018. There was zero governance, bureaucracy defunct and chaos in the state.

In March 2019, another set back for TRS was losing in MLC Elections, 3 candidates it backed lost in MLC elections. Congress and CPI achieved a win with considerable margins and TRS was on rejection mode. The results showed people are looking for a change and TRS downfall has just begun.

KCR launched Lok Sabha campaign on February 17, from Karimnagar constituency. He declared that he wants to enter into national politics and change the face of the country if the TRS won 16 MP seats. Throughout Lok Sabha campaign in different constituencies, KCR abused Modi and Rahul Gandhi.

In an election campaign, KCR claimed UPA did surgical strikes 11 times whereas UPA Chairperson Rahul Gandhi claimed that UPA did surgical strikes 3 times. There was no consistency in the numbers, this video went viral on social media showing the hatred against Modi and lie politics of KCR.

At centre-stage, KCR met the Mahagatbandhan leaders and wanted to form a federal front. He said he had 120 leaders who supported him for the federal front and he would play a crucial role in 2019 government formation. This created confusion in the Telangana people, just a few months back they gave a decisive mandate to rule the Telangana state and now he was talking about ruling the nation. In every campaign, the slogan was to give 16 MP seats to TRS and 1 to AIMIM. There was no clarity on KCR’s Federal Front without Congress and BJP.

To appease Muslim minority votes, KCR made communal remarks insulting Hindus. KCR referred BJP and said “These Hindus are useless and disgusting. They want to stoke the fire in the country & belong in the gutter.” There was an outrage in the Hindu Community. The protest united the Hindu community in the state and Hindus were against KCR.

On 30th March, KCR Election campaign meeting in heart of the city ‘Hyderabad’ in LB Stadium was cancelled due to lack of crowd mobilization and the authorities claimed that poor crowd was the reason. In the same stadium on April 2nd, BJP held its election meeting and the crowd was full in LB Stadium despite the IPL match that day. This shows that people rejected to attend KCR meeting.

On the other hand, on social media K.T Rama Rao (KTR) son of KCR tweeted comments insulting the voters calling them Bhakhts/Chowkidars and made funny comments. This showed his arrogance and people could see true colours of TRS party in the second term.

Congress has traditional voters in Telangana and KTR after winning Lok Sabha elections insulted Congress leaders who lost the elections. KTR compared Congress leaders as soiled currency note which cannot be exchanged in any place. The silent voters were watching the arrogance of TRS leadership.

Kalvakuntla Kavitha daughter of KCR is a sitting MP from Nizamabad. Nizamabad witnessed an outrage on TRS as it failed to keep its promise of the establishment of Turmeric Board and reopening of Nizam Sugar factory in Bodhan.

Nizamabad farmers protested and Nizamabad made history with the highest number of candidates to appear in one polls seat. Total of 179 farmers contested along with leading parties. All eyes of the nation were on Nizamabad as ECI arranged for 12 big size EVMs in polling stations to elect from 185 candidates. This showed the nation a unique way to protest against the state ruling party to contest against the ruling party.

On 23rd May 2019, BJP- the Lotus party bloomed with full glorious victory and the results came as shock to the family that is ruling the state.

The Chief Ministers daughter Kavitha was a shocking defeat in ‘Nizamabad’ to BJP’s candidate Dharmapuri Arvind.

KCR luckiest constituency ‘Karimnagar’ slips out of his hand to BJP’s candidate Bandi Sanjay.

TRS party faced unexpected defeat in Adilabad to BJP’s Soyam Bapu Rao. In Adilabad, this was the best ever performance to BJP since the 1998 parliamentary elections.

BJP retained it’s treasured ‘Secunderabad’ seat which was the only seat won in 2014 elections. Kishan Reddy from Secunderabad makes into Union Cabinet with Ministry of State Home Affairs.

TRS the ruling party is unable to digest this fact of losing MP seats from its previous tally of 11 seats to 9 seats. The party has been criticized by Congress for giving lame excuses for defeat.

The fact remains that people are not innocent and they have understood the double standards of the pink party. The people of Telangana have started to reject the abusing, arrogance ruling of KCR party. The MLC elections and Lok Sabha elections are the testimony to this fact.

Telangana is the youngest state of the country. Telangana state opens its doors to BJP after its stunning performance in the Lok Sabha elections and the BJP’s Era in Telangana state begins.

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