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A kind of Messiah

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Somewhere in Jan 2014 having a lunch conversation with family over the state of affairs of the country which was riddled with scams and corruptions, we argued that, if this country even had a chance. Then Prime Minster had told that in collation darma you have to close your eyes to lot of things, inferring to the ‘sab chalta hai’ attitude of this country. And as they say the nation is defined by its leaders and the public by large had accepted this and also wanted to vote for a person who provides the maximum benefits to himself or its family – “Mujko Kya Milega?”. An essential quid pro quo equation.

Then in May 2014, this country was tired of all Congress for once and all. And voted for BJP and they called it as a “Modi Wave” election which made Narendra Damodar Das Modi the Prime Minster of this nation. I was one of the ones who were very passionate about the changes he will bring this to the nation but then I had this friend from Gujarat who said “Kuch nahi karega who, Main toh vote congress ko diya tha.” Well, it’s a democracy and everyone has its opinion but because he was from Gujarat, it raised self doubts on my choice. But the heart always said he is the right man for this nation.

From 2014 and 2019, he has worked non-stop from range of issues affecting this nation and trying to bring about a definite change as a nation on how we work and how we think. Will not get into his policies and the deep impact it will have over the decades but the sheer hardwork and overcoming resistance from Babus who had a ‘certain’ way of doing things is something which is remarkable. Over the years there is a notion the government employees are of certain type and you need to do X-Y-Z to get your work done, and that is changing. Won’t say that has changed 100% but we are getting there, after all its a 70 year old practice which he is trying to bring the change around.

It would be colossal mistake to judge the impact of Modi thru the structural reforms one can see  or from the state of the economy or thru the prism of poverty elevation, those all stats are incidental to the idea of (Modi’s) India. The Modi impact should be seen from the sheer change of thinking which has come about – from “Mujko Kya Milega?” to “Desh ke liye kiya acha hai”.  This is a Paradigm shift. Breaking the cast and religion barriers which were built in our society over the past 7 decades.

“ It was of the greatest moment, and consequence, that they should believe in him when he came, for they could receive no   benefit from him without believing him to be their Messiah. ”
– Elias Hicks

Over the last century, only a few leaders in the world have captured the interest of the nation in this euphoric way. This only happens when the people of the nation truly believes in the leader and that he is there only for the betterment of the nation and will not profit even a cent from his position. If this believe is engraved in the mind of the nation then he become a kind of Messiah. For many, Modi is one of those rare Messiah which this nation was craving for eternity.

Its May 2019, having another political conversation with the family over the lunch and we discussed the state of affairs of the country and we all are kind of proud of where we are and also we talked about how the future of the India is so bright. Its was kind of discussion which gives you Goosebumps for sheer how beautiful the future looks.

From 2014 to 2019 the nation has begun to crawl, its matter of time, we will walk and then run.

It is all because, we trust in a man who is a kind of Messiah.

PS: Another conversation with my Guju friend before the elections and he told me “Agar koi karega toh Modi hi karega.” Another shift in thinking?

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