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Rise of the right : What can the comatose left do to revive itself?

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Dear Left-Liberals of India,

Hear out this heartfelt message from a brother on your Right. Who knows it might help you understand the disease that’s afflicting your kind and maybe you can do some self treatment.

The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.
– Winston Churchill

This quote by Churchill sums up a democracy and has truth to it. The average voter is really a simpleton who just votes with his heart more than his brain. The forces guiding his choice for a party or candidate are really very fundamental and primate in nature. Raw emotions and a survival instinct innate in every human, that is all there is to it. Any amount of intellectual or knowledge usually takes a back seat when the moment of casting a vote arrives. They are just voting for their own interests, those they perceive as significant in either short term or long term.

Those perceived self interests just like flipping of a coin have a 50% probability of being flawed. Now statistically when someone gives you a 50% odds of losing or committing an error, you normally don’t do that thing. If you do want to play those odds, you might as well play a game of roulette. So there we have it, an average voter casting his vote is just like a game of roulette.

Unknown outcome but a strong hope in your heart and little bit of greed in your eyes to see the ball land on the color of your choice or an even/odd number. Which reminds me of one of Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal’s pet schemes and the Delhi voters game of roulette with him. Pardon my pun my AAP brothers, no offense intended. A little bit of humor helps in these stressful times, you especially are living in and not really used to. Being able to laugh about it will ease some of your gut wrenching pain.

Coming back to the topic, one can clearly see that statistically each voter has equal chance of bungling his vote up and this is built into the DNA of any democracy. But again, that very democracy also has this strange ability to attenuate that error % to an extent when those same average voter is voting along with others. Now add to that a multi party, bicameral parliamentary system of democracy like ours the chances of a single hive mind controlling all of the voters tends to be very less. Even if there is a hive mind, it is usually relegated to smaller voting blocs. The probability of one single political party ending up a massive seat share in the parliament is not great, in fact lesser than 50%.

But once in a while we do see that probability of the simpleton voters giving a nitro boost to a single party and resulting in a lopsided power distribution. While this has it’s inherent benefits of avoiding the mess of a coalition government, bringing efficient administration, it tends also to come with the poison of power which if unchecked, can consume the holder of it and everything that touches it. Most importantly the people who granted that power are the first to be at the receiving end.

Now this is where the Opposition comes into the picture and always remains of paramount importance. It is the duty of the Opposition to keep that poison of power always under sane levels. Now to be able to do that, the Opposition itself has to be first free of the desire to get hold of that power. If they want to drink that poison themselves and are clouded by the lust for it then they neither can police the ruling party nor can they have any sense of integrity to bat for the people that they ought to finally protect when all else fails.

So coming to the crux of this article which is, “The Rise Of The Right aka BJP” and what you can do about it, follow few simple mantras to get yourselves back on the track to being a credible opposition.

  • Stop demonizing the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi at every possible step and turn. It doesn’t help your cause in any way. On the contrary it only pulls the average voter away from your lost cause rightfully. Taking cheap shots at a PM who is perceived as honest, hard working and a man with highest levels of integrity is akin to axing your own foot.
  • Stop playing the Saffron Boogeyman card nonstop in every utterance of yours with the sole aim of polarizing the minorities against the BJP and peddling your age old & debunked narrative of  Saffron Terror and Hindutva menace. It will only help the Right consolidate its base even further and entrench it for good.
  • Stop the game of minority appeasement by doling out freebies and flawed policies that tend to be not only outright unconstitutional but also extremely dangerous for the fabric of a multicultural and diverse nation like ours.
  • Condemn any/all of the nefarious, hate mongering Mullahs, Pastors and Babas alike. Don’t patronize or sugar coat a mullah’s rabid anti-Hindu hate speech as his right to free speech and then go on to land a hammer blow on people like Kamlesh Tiwari in the name of law & order. This hypocrisy has to end. The law should be the same to everyone.
  • Stop frolicking in bed with the corrupt presstitute section of the MSM. Don’t let them set your agenda and it’s tone. Take control of the narrative and set it right. Ever since the rise of Modi & BJP’s steam rolling of all the Left-Liberal forts across the nation in every direction; Only proves that the agenda and narrative that you think are in control of is actually helping the right bury you.Whether that’s for good or bad depends upon on how you react here on. And the so called secular media is inadvertently helping the BJP,nail your coffin tight shut so far. Every time the MSM tries to peddle fear propaganda to revive the Left, an additional nail is being driven into the coffin.
  • Bat for the Hindu majority’s interests in the same way that you go out of your way to appease the minority interests. Stop supporting any sort of state sanctioned discrimination solely against Hindus. Don’t even think of making such travesties a part of your arsenal. Don’t try reducing the peaceful majority to a weak majority with a sinister agenda. It will backfire real bad as you can see by now. Hindus seem to be losing patience with these constant barrage of low blows to their dignity and identity.
  • Stop legitimizing, encouraging and giving a platform to anti-nationals and the Bharat Ki Barbadi gangs that are out there destroy the very fabric of this nation that you so claim to protect. It reeks of ultimate hypocrisy. Outright condemn such groups or individuals who find it fashionable to talk about cutting India into pieces while all along they have been drawing monthly scholarships from the exchequer aka taxpayer. Any Indian worth his salt condemns these nefarious jokers.
  • Finally shun the defunct ideology of communism and any of it’s spin offs. History has shown again and again that communism doesn’t work and it has imploded in style in it’s own crucible, Russia. There is no point in hanging onto the dead skeleton of communism and trying to resuscitate it with media created heroes like kanhaiya kumar. These road side gimmicks dont work anymore and you end up having a united national spirit that reasserts it self time to time, in your face.
  • Focus on issues that matter the most. Issues of governance that touches a billion lives daily. Try being truly objective and constructive in your criticism of the Government.
  • Come out with improved policies and be a real partner in the progress of the nation. Your game of obstructionist politics within the parliament have to stop. You either do or let do. Obstructionism and negative politics will only gut whatever remaining credibility you have left in the People’s eyes. Doesn’t help you make your case when you are stalling the Parliament while the nation watches your shenanigans on live tv.
  • Don’t try at every opportunity to suppress the freedom of speech & expression of those you don’t agree with and then wail like professional mourners from the ivory tower of a gutted edifice, aka secularism when your rights are infringed upon. Freedom of speech is a two way street.
  • Hypocrisy thy name is Left-Liberal is the trending perception and it’s becoming a global phenomenon. In case you have been living under a rock and haven’t yet got an hint of this, you better wake up fast before you are steam rolled by a resurgent right into oblivion.

Finally this is end of my message my Left-Liberal brothers/sisters of India. You need the right as much as they need you. It should be a healthy tug of war that ultimately strengthens the ropes that ties this nation together. Jai Hind!

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