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Leftists devious art of stereotying and stigmatization

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I am an “illiterate intolerant communal-fascist, a fanatic and an ultra nationalist” and I still want to say something.

The leftists are at it again. They want us to debate and prove whether Bharat Tere Tukde Honge Insha.. is sedition or freedom of speech, whether Bandook ke dam par Azadi is whether violent or a peaceful protest.

They don’t agree when we say, “but isn’t it so obvious?” For us, that it is sedition, is as clear as daylight. But they would rather debate endlessly. They love debates. But they would never debate whether Azadi Ka Matlab Kya or Pakistan Se Rishta Kya La Ilaha Illalla is communal or not. So let me rephrase, they love ‘certain’ debates.

And I think that we have now  figured out, why. And my observation is as follows.

The wily leftists  have deconstructed the constitution backwards, like a corrupt and a shrewd lawyer, and they are milching as a matter of constitutional right, every loophole that exists in the constitution, sedition law in particular. They know they can get away with sedition राष्ट्रद्रोह, constitutionally, for they are aware of every loophole that exists, and that is what is giving them the audacity, to be so provocative and so much in your face. That’s why, like an astute lawyer, the love for ‘certain’ debates.

They are misusing the loopholes that exist in the Indian constitution, and want to create new loopholes, case in point being removal of POTA and the campaign to remove Afspa, whilst at the same time and in the same breath their fervent moral appeals for being inclusive and accommodative to the Hurriyat. They also demand to totally do away with the “draconian” and “archaic” concept of sedition law, per se. Their devious plan is to use the very Indian constitution both as a weapon and a shield to sabotage भारत and भारतीयता, and constitutionally legitimize their secessionist ideology.

That’s why their emphasis on being just “constitutional patriots” rather than nationalists, because they are wily enough to know that how they can accommodate anti-nationalism and blatant secessionism constitutionally, via a perfect act of internal sabotage. It’s their motive, which is ulterior, and intent which is malafide and dangerous.

They are emboldened by the loopholes and lack of clarity in the sedition law, that is where they get their strength from, to cock a snook at us. We can never get them to transform their minds or change their motive and intent which is anti-national but we can surely amputate their arms constitutionally by plugging the loopholes as well as removing the confusion which is their lifeline.

And now perhaps is the time, to strike at the roots of secessionist ideologies. But first we have to win the battle of narratives. And that has been the leftist stronghold.

The devious trick by these wily leftists, the cabal and their stealth media warriors, whatever is left of them is that of Stereotyping and Stigmatization.

They have assigned a few roles, drawn a few stereotypes, weaved certain narrative to Stigmatize the nationalists; and justify shield and surreptitiously accommodate and include anti-nationalism and downright secessionism in the national psyche behind the facade and the sham of “liberalism”.

Calling all the nationalist Indians who oppose these blatantly seditious slogans as being Sanghis, ABVP or Hindutva, is an old and familiar, yet malicious stereotyping, to defame, vilify and stigmatize all of them as intolerant, communals or fascists, shut their mouth, put them in perpetual state of deep defense, dismiss them under the stereotype of “ultra nationalists”, thus neutralize all resistance, so as to leave an unchallenged field for leftists anti-nationalism and secessionist ideology, and provide it moral, social and constitutional legitimacy and acceptance. An issue which is purely nationalist, is thus deliberately showcased as being political, so as to divide the society and the nation on political lines, where there should be no division.

The wily leftist cabal seeks to surreptitiously substitute the truth of sedition and spin it into the loaded political narrative of “Secular liberal Vs Communal intolerant” debate. As I said they love certain debates.

It is loaded debate as since the leftist Nehruvian era, courtesy successful leftist stereotyping, there is no room for ambiguity, none whatsoever, as to who the communal or intolerant is, and who the secular and liberals are.

And that goes back to history syllabus books too, which Nehru ensured that the leftist Historians wrote for us, but let’s not digress. We are all “educated” enough to know as to who the fanatic, the plunderers and rapine were and who was a “typical renaissance prince” as also a certain “living saint”, and a certain “Great” empire.

Anyway the ground rule is that along with the leftists, the “minority” i.e., Muslims of all hues are all secular and liberal, whereas those among majority who take unapologetic pride in their native culture, i.e those who are not leftists, are communal and illiberal. It’s somewhat of a totalitarian definition, but that is how the leftists have defined it practically, and it’s a settled issue for far too long now. It’s a typical case of successful  leftist stereotyping. Nobody but “illiterates” can dare make autonomous fresh choices. And I too am an “illiterate”.

The sedition debate and The Truth vs The Narrattive:

Recent debate started in JNU last year, when their seditious misadventure was called out for the very first time. Their hidden face became public. They were made to feel the heat. But wily as they are, that time they tried to drown that out under the din of that Patiala court advocate, hothead Chauhan; and linked him with the govt. Chauhan came as a God sent opportunity. The discourse was again sought to be changed from truth of blatantly seditious slogans to the narrative of liberal Vs. intolerant goons. Remember the long march and the rhetorical outrage. Chauhan was made the poster boy of the nationalists. Yes the leftist cabal are professional and astute spin doctors.

Now they are clutching on to the unfortunate rape threats on the social media, and seeking to make it the face of the event. Everything has again boiled down to freedom of expression. While Sehwag is being rebuked and morally ashamed, for speaking out of turn, and not being on a mute mode while letting the leftists do all the expression. Truth is that it’s neither political nor between ABVP and AISA, as the leftist “intellectuals” would have us believe, but between those who are with seditious slogans and those putting up resistance against it. But the leftist would like to substitute Truth with a leftist narrative.

They love narratives, for narratives can be falsified, and they know how to manufacture dominate and control it.These very capable and creative people BTW, can even pull a rabbit out of the hat. Remember the swift and beautifully synchronized award waapsi moral attack, manufactured out of thinnest of air. Take a bow.

Through a skewed narrative, they  want to have a field day and discredit and remove any resistance to their nefarious, anti-national and secessionist ideology and slogans, which BTW they glorify as free speech, and disguise as liberal.

The truth is that It’s all about ideologies and no one knows it better than the leftist cabal. But their creative spin doctors and narrative writers have a perfect sense as to who to link and  assosciate  with whom. As for example ABVP with the goons and Aisa with Shaheed, martyr of Indian army. They are highly artistically endowed and intellectual people. They are the cabal’s pride, as much as they are our envy and the mascot suits them perfectly and metaphorically. Give them their due. Now give a bow.

Interestingly, yet expectedly these very leftists and their media partners and the whole cabal are maintaining their characteristic deafening and stonewalling silence on the repeated death threats against the likes of Tarek Fatah or Taslima; announced not only on the social media, but repeatedly via  fatwas by maulvis. The bastion of liberalism and secularism, we were told, had suddenly become out of bounds for Taslima. But that’s an old and a forgotten story. The latest bounty on Tarek’s head is said to be 10 lakh. Supposedly neither Tarek, nor Taslima are secular or liberal, and the lesser said about their freedom of expression, or the right to life for that matter, the better.

No campaigns, no alarm bells, no demand for Fir, no media highlight, no concern for tolerance, no rhetorical moral outrage, no championing of alternate view, no fear mongering, no panic attacks…. And the familiar sham and shameless hypocrisy goes on unabated, as oxymoronically as ever.

Whosoever calls the Indian leftists as liberals is either under a deep spell of delusion or, forgive me for saying so, a liar and a downright hypocrite. And let’s NOT debate that.

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