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Delhi, enough is enough!

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What does one expect from a society (claimed to be an intellectual one) when they see groups of teens (+ just out of teens) get into an argument? Well, in Delhi (claimed by many of its residents as the model for every other state in the country), the “grups and the elderly” got around and started cheer-leading a side that was closer to their ideology. While this was not all, the incident has been given a national hue; a 20 year old pitted against another. The media, which again operates mostly from Delhi, has once again let us all down. It is not only the main stream media which is in the dock this time- it is “ALL OF THE MEDIA”, including OpIndia, Newslaundry and all the journalists/ thinkers/ trolls (sic) on social media, too.

As we see it as spectators, there are currently 3 ideologies prominent in the Delhi state- Right wing, Left wing and the so called Wingless. Irrespective of the preferred “ideology”, each one of them have picked up one story of one group while ignoring that the other side with an equally strong point of view. The ones who have crossed the constraints of the teen, having moved around freely, not answerable to a guardian on a day to day basis have no right to peddle their ideology on the shoulders of students.

I say this not in a patronizing manner- When I was in my 20s I had strong point of views myself- the “grups and elderly” all have had- but I had no qualms changing these views at a later point. This luxury helped me re-evaluate every situation and adapt. If I were given a reputation of having a point of view when in my teens with no option to change it at a later point, my life would have been miserable.

But what have Delhiites done? They have painted each group with the paint they like. Agreed that revolution begins when one is young and history is a witness to this; but that is not what is happening here. The desperation of political parties to get back into or expand its base in mainstream electoral politics is the root cause of this turmoil.

Every incident in the universities, starting from Rohit Vemula’s have been a spring board for “grups”- either a Phd student or a volunteer of a students’ body to enter mainstream politics or garner political mileage. Is this the polity we want? It is fine that certain “grups” have been given opportunity to tout their bigotry; but should a teen be pushed into a strait-jacket political hue?

With the issue on hand- there is nothing wrong with a teen’s call for peace with a neighbouring country, there is nothing wrong with call for people to uphold nationalistic view and there is nothing wrong with the call to “freedom”. There is something amiss (will not call it wrong, yet) when a “grup” calls for “Bharat Ke Tukde Tukde”. But what is ABSOLUTELY wrong is Professors, Media professionals, Politicians, Intellectuals (sic) and trolls (sic) aligned to particular ideology using them as props to advance their influence. This is wrong, undeniably wrong. All these people are so blinded by their sense of self-importance that they fail to see the harm they are causing for these students.

Finally, is there no one in this country who have a reputation to say “Enough is Enough”? A call for action would be – this September 5th, we should all wear a black band just to prick the conscience of teachers for being mute spectators – This year Guru is NOT Brahma, NOT Vishnu and NOT Maheshwara; the teachers/professors are either cheapskate using students as props OR worse they are mute spectators.

Further, a critical analysis of media organisations, media professionals, thinkers and trolls who have peddled their bigotry using students as props (a hope remains that organisations like Swarajya, Newslaundry, The Hoot, Newsminute could sit together and take stock of the situation- devoid of political inclinations). This is important because an incident in, let us say, Bangalore university between two groups would not get similar national importance (at least not as of now) and hence the teachers/professors and other stakeholders still hold some credence to resolve the issues. (It reminds me of the time when in college we called for a strike (the reason is not important) and got a good response. The Principal and few other teachers resolved the issue and we called it off. The next day all the teachers went on a strike and refused to teach until we apologise. Eventually we did. Imagine if the incident had been picked up by the media with vulturous “ideology” oriented people getting involved. We would have cared two hoots for the Principal’s call to resolve the issue, firstly and secondly none of the teachers would have thought of retaliating)

Let us (first take a deep breath) put an end to this – Enough is Enough; The last few days have been absurd and unbecoming of a civilised society.

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