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Right Wing : Core, Outrage and People

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Akesh Soni
Akesh Soni
Just a curious one ... follow me on twitter @akeshsoni

This is my first blog I guess ever, so I would rather start with apologies if there is some mistake in choosing words or grammar or anything. I have been on Twitter for a couple of years only, been new to this place and it made me little more knowledgeable than I was before. But I still have very very limited knowledge, and I am trying to tell my views to my RW friends mostly. I respect everyone’s work, dedication and thoughts for the betterment of our country but what I have seen in last two and half years of Modi govt, RW is mostly outraging. Criticism is fine but it seems all the time they just want their hard line to be followed strictly by Modi. We are aam log, so we do feel like cribbing, outraging mostly and we cannot do anything else. RIGHT ? No, you see the website OpIndia. They were fed up of media lies, so they started this to expose. THIS IS WHAT EXACTLY I WANT TO SAY.

Modi cannot be right all the time, not even Atal ji was. This is our job to criticize govt, and at the same time applaud for good work and defend from wrong propaganda of leftist media or congress. Now, Atal ji had a situation, but Modi; Modi has absolute majority. Yes, ABSOLUTE IN LOKSABHA ONLY. You don’t rule rajya sabha, you don’t rule many of the states and you don’t have supportive media. I am not saying without that we should not expect Modi to help our agenda, this is what for he was chosen and he took responsibility. Even at the time of Atal ji, it was said that he became secular by 2004 that is why India Shining never actually shone. See, it is different being PM. You are PM of whole country, left right, center, corner of everyone’s ideology. You have to keep it RIGHT. And this post is not to defend Modi at all, I keep tweeting for my demand of repealing RTE daily these days. 😉

One senior twitterati who I respect, I have seen few posts of CORE from him. @realitycheckind, he has tried to write as summarised as possible. I am not at all criticising his post, I want to join the team and I want to do something better for our country together. Let me try to tell you my views on his post and what I think we should do as a team:

  1. In my opinion, Modi is not HARD RIGHT WINGER, I see him as Center Right. If this govt is not most progressive and liberal till date then no one was.
  2. You voted Modi for CORE, right ? did he acknowledge that CORE in BJP manifesto , can it be implemented with lok sabha majority only ? Have we asked this question to us before ? Leave the politics of promises , can it be done or not ??
  3. My point is not to give excuses of Kadi ninda or jumla ( I hated those two sentences)  but CORE is totally like dependent and asking govt to do everything. WHY ??? that is my question. Lets not be outrageous, not be activists all the time. This is time to do something, you believe this govt is going to last 10 years, I do. Even if not, we have two and half years. Lets start doing something, lets create institutions or societies or generate members. People are Modi oriented these days they will join us. Let us meet Modi or our MPs/representatives any way we can reach the govt, ask them to acknowledge and if not, at least let us do our job smoothly.
  4. Time to enlighten our new generation, lets make them feel proud of India, Hindi, ancient civilization and motivate/inspire them to take India again to top. Lets be a happy , prosperous, proud and THE BEST (number 1) which we claim all the time to everyone.
  5. If you have this question in your mind, that it is not possible in 2 years or 20 years or not at all. So let me tell you that it is possible and we were not rotten in 2 years, it took centuries BUT we can make it RIGHT in decades. AND WE WILL … we will do it for sure. There is no stopping us if we start doing, SO time to come to platform and lets work. My knowledge is very limited, I don’t have much idea of laws, constitution, framework. May be, I don’t sound right though but only thing which comes to my mind that let us make this better place. We ordinary citizens want it to be a better place so Let us not wait for govt to do everything for us, let them handle so many other things. Let us make it RIGHT.
  6. Now, let us come to CORE AGENDA of right WING by respected @realitycheckind . first point is Education. And It asks govt to repealRTE, I totally agree. It should be done. Now, Imagine its done. Now what, what are the plans ? I am sure he and our team must have some. I want to be enlightened here, then Majority schools teaching us what? NCERT books again ? this education system in my eyes is not RIGHT. Let us talk about TOTAL EDUCATION. Where is totality ? It is ratification education, not TOTAL. That is a major thing to discuss on which I will write in other article. Again, I have limited or no knowledge on this if people are doing good then my apologies but they are invisible online. Let’s make presence team, let India feel you know you come to you. Let us shake the left dominated education.
  7. Second point : Sectarian Purse. I agree, but not possible that easily. You need two three consecutive govt in my opinion.
  8. QUOTA : Can it be really done without educating aam janta about it ? can it be done without social policing or community policing ? will parties like RJD/BSP/Congress and rogue elements would give it easy to you ? and when you talk about QUOTA, you need to make sure as a society we talk about equality in daily life things. We should stop discrimination ourselves, this quota thing would go.
  9. TEMPLE : I agree, Temples should have control on its own institution BUT who are the controlling people there? Hindus must be represented by HINDUS, again not on quota basis at all. Let us do some brainstorming, let us make it equal for all. THIS CAN BE REAL GAME CHANGER, put Dalits on pedestal here and we will be united. Elevate them, we are equal. Nothing apart from participation in temples can give them immense satisfaction of being equal here. No law of Mayawati or Jai BHim can take them close to society more than this inclusion. Let us brainstorm and debate ….
  10. Essential religious practice: Educate the society first. Each and every religion has its flaws. I don’t want to sound sickular here, but obviously I am as against ghoonghat as burqa. As against as qurbani as bali. BUT Religious practices should be secured. TOTALLY AGREE, no moron should be allowed to even start defaming rituals on the name of FOE. Supreme Court should stay away from even hearing such cases, gather audience for you, vote your MPs and let it be discussed in parliament.
  11. COW SLAUGHTER : I agree, this should be made a law. Existing law is stupid.  Points we don’t have in agenda or probably low on Order of Priority : I believe these should be there
    1. NO CONVERSION LAW, not even FORCED GHAR WAPSI if at all it exists.
    2. Sanskrit Mandatory till 10th
    3. Geeta path to everyone in primary schools irrespective of religion
    4. Implement Rajya Sabha type playgame in schools, let everyone participate. Have kids start making decisions for them since age of 10-11.
    5. Masculine Law System should be in place
    6. 1861 Police Act, we need to change this.
    7. Send your few thousand people for permanent relocation in other small countries and give those countries aids, spread knowledge about India and Hinduism. Not conversion, awareness.
    8. and many more things …. I will read more, learn more and try to include more ideas

My few point request is :

  1. Let us stop this outrage all the time , let us start pursuing one field at a time and take the agenda to complete conclusion. Mine is education.
  2. Education is the biggest weapon we can have to destroy poverty, inequality and many many problems we have. I was too stupid and narrow minded, I still have very very limited knowledge but I feel I have started to learn and becoming open minded. I don’t take criticism on ego these days(this I am learning too),  I try to see if I have gone wrong . We as a country, will keep learning, will keep achieving and will fall, rise, fall and rise but we will be together with our one agenda. INDIA FIRST. Let’s work towards that only.

I wish I get a chance to discuss this education thing through my this blog.

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Akesh Soni
Akesh Soni
Just a curious one ... follow me on twitter @akeshsoni
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