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“Education for All: Empowering Minds, Transforming Lives” 

Education is essential because it unlocks human potential and shapes a better future for individuals, communities, and societies.

Prime Ministers of India: A journey of leadership and achievement

From nation building to economic reforms, from technological advancements to foreign policy achievements, each leader has left a distinctive mark on India's history.

Education without boundaries: The key to developed India

Some initiatives to develop human capital would take India to the helm of this world, and help us achieve our Amrit kaal 2047 objective - to become a global knowledge superpower.

Education is precious for Rural development

Rural development requires education that is regulated locally, functionally specialized, practical, applied, and problem-posing.

NAS Survey 2021: Here is how it exposes the ‘Krantikari’ Education model of the Delhi government

NAS report 2021 was released by The Department of School Education and Literacy, Ministry of Education and it exposes Arvind Kejriwal model

No journalist from Gujarat met Arvind Kejriwal: RTI Reveals Kejriwal’s lie on Twitter

In an RTI reply clears that Arvind Kejriwal's bubble of lies has been busted and his portrayal of Delhi's education and health model is nothing but a mirage which ends with lies.

Teacher as leader

Teaching is not just any other profession! It’s a profession which gives you the ability to transform a raw human being into a creative, sensible citizen.

The story of girls in India

History provides evidence of how women have always been victims of male dominance and have faced gross repercussions by stepping out of the boundaries set for them. 

Reforms in education: A sine qua non

This article provides an insight to the ancient systems of education in India, the theories on the idealistic perspective of education by legendary thinkers, the evolution of education through British rule and then ultimately, the crevices in the present system of education on a positive note, asking us to Catechize the present system.

Need to open schools: Need to give back the childhood our kids deserve

Efforts should be made to bring life back to schools. Measures should be taken to provide a safe and healthy environment to kids in the school.

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