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Need to open schools: Need to give back the childhood our kids deserve

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Amid the Covid, the way our education system shuffles from offline and online medium has impacted the mental and physical health of the younger generation.

Parenthood symbolizes providing a better and safe learning platform and education to kids. Education has been given immense importance in the upbringing that parents go to an extent taking education loans, sacrificing their lifestyle etc. to provide the best schooling to their kid. Enhancement of the education system has also been an agenda or focus area of the India Government for years. However, since Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, schools, colleges and for that matter the entire education system is on a slippery slope.

Education is not just academically teaching kids. It encompasses getting early to go to school where clock seems to run faster than usual and every second’s counts, having fun during assemblies, stealing lunch box from friends’ bags, finishing lunch before the recess to get more play time in the recess, request to go to washroom middle of the boring lectures, teacher/senior being the role model, senior wing bursting crackers in the school, playing football in rain and muddy fields and many such small and notorious deeds for which teachers will punish but later in life can be cherished.

For the last 2-year this has changed to turning on devices and being in front of the screen. School is a place for kids to unleash themselves and evolve. Sportsman spirit, discipline, proper routine are few of the important things which can be learnt with offline mode only.“Excess of everything is bad” similarly digitalisation and online mode for the last 2 years impacted the development of the kids. Obesity, agitation, addiction to gadgets, depression, and frequent mood swings are some of the repercussions of online classes. Switching to online mode as a support system when Covid intensified and the whole country was under lockdown was a need of an hour. But in a phase where we moved on from lockdown to open the pubs, bar, restaurants, and the hospitality industry to boost the economy, a place to shape and educate the next generation is still closed.

In countries like Singapore where both parents work, childcare, schools, and colleges are on offline mode since 2020 similarly countries like UK and US have opened the schools. We can argue on the points that with a vast unvaccinated population, transport and healthcare industry still evolving, risk in India is manifold. But aren’t we looking at one side of the coin and the mental well-being of the younger generation is getting completely neglected?

Efforts should be made to bring life back to schools. Measures should be taken to provide a safe and healthy environment to kids in the school.

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