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India’s Surviving Approach: Harassing Neighbors

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‘My enemy’s enemy is my friend’ looks absolute truth with regard to India’s neighbouring countries regardless of PM Modi’s extended more peace, less military ‘neighbour first’ initiative. China refers Pakistan as its irreplaceable friend. China is Nepal’s elder brother and some parts of Myanmar are like virtual China. One foot in a Chinese submarine to reach in Hambantota, Sri Lanka. Maldives is always opened for China. China is leasing out its uninhabited islands.

It is well identified that Nepal, Maldives and Sri Lanka fall to China because of financial assistances for much needed infrastructure developments ­– roads, power plants, ports, power lines, etc. China says that it is practising a ‘Cohesive strategy’ for the region to improve economic, military and diplomatic ties.

China sometimes raises concerns about security because of “border vulnerability’ in Tibet with Bhutan and Nepal – it is nothing other than a diplomatic obfuscation. Despite initial setback in relations, Bangladesh emerges as an strong economic and defence partner of China. Sri Lanka is ever grateful to China because it helped to annihilate the LTTE. It was also sought for India’s help but due to internal politics in Indian states, it did not receive any assistance.

However, Chinese analysts opine that these counties will fall in the trap of India due to its strong cultural, ethnic and historical ties. Although Pakistan is an exception. Indian analysts state that India’s foreign policies have been a success in Southeast Asia. It is a long term strategy for favourable gain. In Asia, China thinks India and Japan are the two countries need to check. For this reason, China helps Pakistan and North Korea to fight proxy wars against India and Japan respectively.

Pakistan’s relation with China has shown an upward trend since Xi Jinping became president. China entrusts to invest of $46 billion in Pakistan for construction of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. China supports to block charges on notorious terrorist Zaki-ur-Reheman Lakhvi, the mastermind of 26/11 Mumbai attack.

There is a mixed-post war relation between Myanmar and China. Myanmar was the first non- communist country to recognize of People’s Republic of China. China seeks Myanmar to access more ports in the Andaman Sea and the Indian Ocean. Myanmar-China Oil and Gas Pipeline started operations in 2013 symbolizes China’s interest at large. So China always wanted to strengthen relation with Myanmar in the process.

India’s response is always moderate, measured and restrained towards external challenges. It deploys its power to prevent conflict and maintain peace. The Indian Government evolves its foreign policy philosophy of Five Pillars — dignity, engagement and dialogue, shared prosperity, security, cultural and civilizational linkages. Isolating Pakistan, which has traditional support of west Asia, on the terror issue and pushing hard to UN for adopt a Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism which will compel Pakistan to rethink its strategy.

Militaries of all over the world always prepare for the worst case; but India’s appreciation is not good at all for worst case scenario. Anything less is going to be ‘goodwill’ of enemy.Anyway, militaries can’t be raised in a short span of time. But it’s time to think about Modern weapons, ammunitions. Preparing a strong military for future war is time-consuming process. Making a well-equipped and tech-savvy operationally ready military force is a big challenge for India. It is an expensive proposition for developing country like India. But security of the country is first and foremost. Freedom of the country is priceless. Need to protect at any cost with everything that nation have, its people have.

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