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Perarivalan: the 19 year old battery supplier that triggered the explosion that killed Rajiv Gandhi

About 34 years ago, the then PM of India, Shri Rajiv Gandhi, ordered Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF) to wade into the Sri Lankan civil war.

एक परिवार श्रीलंका के लिए बना अभिशाप

श्रीलंका सदैव अल्पकालीन विकास के दौर में फंसा रहा, जिसके चलते सरकार का खर्च उसको होने वाली आय से हमेशा अधिक हि रहा और इस प्रकार वो Budget Deficient का शिकार बनते रहे।

A report on growing apostasy in Muslim world

According to the survey, conflicts between Islam and human rights, Islam and science, logical and scriptural contradictions and conception of god in Islam seem to be main reasons of their apostasy.

Burqa-wearing comes under suspicion

A huge pang of emotion may dominate over the women wearing a veil after its ban in Sri Lanka.

China is expanding its way in South Asia

Chinese presence in Sri Lanka is no hidden thing. Between 2005-17, Beijing has invested $ 15 billion in projects in Sri Lanka over a period of 12 years.

Hardik Pandya credits Jadeja for his blistering hundred in India-Sri Lanka test series

Hardik Pandya credited Jadeja for his blistering hundred against the host nation in the ongoing India-Sri Lanka test series.

India’s Surviving Approach: Harassing Neighbors

A complex network of relations

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