Hardik Pandya credits Jadeja for his blistering hundred in India-Sri Lanka test series

Hardik Pandya credited Jadeja for his blistering hundred against the host nation in the ongoing India-Sri Lanka test series. If he had played, I would have run out of options to choose the right shots from my armoury, Pandya told My Voice.

“When you play with some players, you get the confidence to go for those special shots and get those extra runs. On the other hand, when some other players play with you, they do something extra with every run. Very difficult to stay focused at the crease, leave alone staying inside the crease. I dedicate my maiden hundred to Jadeja, for offering outside support” Pandya told My Voice.

“Do you know that Pandya-Jadeja incident has gained the status of an Urban Legend in the city of London? The #WJMPR (Why Jadeja Made Pandya Runout) hashtag has become more popular worldwide than #WKKB (Why Kattappa Killed Bahubali) I sincerely wish that the reason is not an extensive plot by a team of people working against me, like in the movie. Also, for the record, I am not interested in any sequel, running alongside Jadeja” Pandya categorically told My Voice.

“People still blame me for the run-out fiasco. I did my level best to keep the Indian cricket fans in suspense. If not for the run-out, perhaps Pandya would have scored a few more runs, prior to the inevitable loss. See what happened now? People will remember the match forever and still think that India would have won. The urban legend will stay forever” Jadeja, for the first time, explained the reason behind #WJMPR.

Meanwhile, the makers of the movie Bahubali have contacted Jadeja to develop the plot for a possible Bahubali 3, with new twists and turns, more than what his spin bowling would offer at the field, it is learnt by My Voice.

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