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Burqa-wearing comes under suspicion

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The dropping of the traditional veil started taking place in the women’s minds during British rule in the country. The convent education made the Muslim women discard their customary habit of wearing the traditional veil known as Burqa. This changed attitude prompted Akbar Allahabadi to write in verse: beparda nazar aaiin jo Kal chand biwiyan, pucchha jo maine aap ka parda kya hua, boli ki aql mardon ki pad gaya (Seeing some women without a veil, when asked where your veil has gone, they said it now veils men’s wisdom). He was not against the use of the veil in Muslim society. However, the practice did not wholly come to an end.

It was continuously gaining momentum in spite of resistance and opposition due to certain obvious factors. Whether it is east or west, the burqa-wearing is not confined to any geographical limits. At present, we seemed to have no trust upon the frail women moving in the veil though we were continuously saying to them that we had complete confidence in their moral fiber. Confidence, when wrecked, cannot be simply restored, the analyzers more often insist. This was owing to this very act of mistrust that the veiled women directly come under suspicion during these violent days.

Wearing the sheer blackish fabric by the Muslim women for covering their physical body from head to ankle remains an unmistakable issue. It was still regarded as an important cloth for the grown-up woman in Muslim society despite the derision of this practice. It was the women who extremely experienced the apathy smoldering among the people who showed up deep hatred for the traditional veil. Along with everything else, Muslim women did not completely discard the conventional norm. Expressing their opinionated views on veil ban our politicians were also discussing it painstakingly and suggested to bring the prohibition over this practice.

The famed lyricist Javed Akhtar’s views on burqa ban too brought intense controversy that pierced into certain hearts pulsating with the different bent of minds. It was still considered helpful for the hydra-headed monster of extremism? Is it not just a robe to cover the woman’s body? It is simply important long wear to distract the gaze of menfolk. Veil, of course, is not limited to the Muslim community only. There were various different shapes of the shroud. A huge pang of emotion may dominate over the women wearing a veil after its ban in Sri Lanka.

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