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After shattering over 10,000 migrants’ dreams and splitting families, Jacinda Ardern keeps her panic intact. Here’s how

Prime minister of New-Zealand Jacinda Ardern ordered to keep the border close due to covid-19 reasons.

Slow moving coup of LOUDSPEAKERS

Two time Aartis of Hindu temple is causing noise pollution and disturbances, which is stopped during exam times but not five time Namaz! Can we ever get over this hypocrisy?

Burqa-wearing comes under suspicion

A huge pang of emotion may dominate over the women wearing a veil after its ban in Sri Lanka.

EC makes Sidhu silent for 72 long hours

Lately we have seen how another politician like the stature of Navjot Singh Sidhu stepped across the defined tracks of the country’s topmost poll panel.

The curious case of crackers polluting once out of 365 days

Read the other points of this judgement

Dictatorship cannot be imposed in the name of Gandhism

Is ban on alcohol in Bihar and Delhi really altruistic or their CM's ladder to personal aspiration?

Beef Ban: Who are we fooling?

Most of the states weren’t BJP ruled when the anti-cow-slaughter laws were passed and nor are they when the laws still operate.

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