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Slow moving coup of LOUDSPEAKERS

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It’s a casual morning, you decide to wake up, and start exercising, you have heard roosters screaming at sunrise, but you had to wake up at 5. You had a bad sleep, from working hard, because your wife and children deserve a good life, and you, a healthy one. You are sleeping a good night sleep, and suddenly, sannate ko cheerti hui sansani, you hear the same call, that most victims of secular terrorism hear in their last moments, only louder. But it’s louder than you expected, you have heard it before, it’s not new. But certainly louder. The building you went past daily, wasn’t a shop, or factory. It was a temple of secularism. And boy, it did complete in time. Now what was 5 kilometer away, is next door. This slow moving coup to dominate you at your very home, 5 times a day reached it’s conclusion. Enjoy your stay. Or fight them, one day, it’s enough to light you up, your child has to study, and you have to work, company’s general meeting is coming up.

Due to exams all temples have decided to take it slow. All but one, so finally you decide to man up a little, and confront the police. Only to find out, police has lost the faith in system before you are going to. “It is what it is”, says the guy in khaki, who wanted to bring revolution during his interview of hawaldar. Yet you decide to go ballistic, and report a nuisance. Before you can get out, 5 men come in and tell you to shove the report, and loudspeakers will now be blown at more volume. Police does it’s duty and looks down, does nothing, ignoring the thing. You get back your house, head down, sleeves down, red eyes, swollen, LUCKILY. You just escaped certain death. You were lucky that you didn’t go to secular temple directly, or God knows, you would have actually met Him/Her in person.

This is not the story off the top of my head, something akin to this happened in Maharashtra. When a troubled lady, Karishma, asked to lower the volume, she was met by unimaginable force, of Uddhav government. Yes the same guy who hindus believed would listen to them. She was threatened publicly by congress leader to leave her residence, live somewhere else, but the volume won’t go down. What if it was a temple? What if it was a muslim who reported it? What if he / she got threats? By the way none of the liberal reporters, writers, film guys, have uttered a word. As if their mouth have been sealed by the ginormous halaal male chicken that they are eating mouthful. But they are expected to do so. What is bothering, is that she had been living there for quite some time, she didn’t complain, may be it was only that day when she realised that she actually could speaks against this practice of full volume scream.

She probably didn’t know that you could criticise Islam and live to see another day. She knows it now. She won’t. It was a lucky day, her house didn’t burn down and God knows if she lives there anymore or not. But I would say, this girl got balls of purest form of stainless steel there is in entire Maharashtra. A void left after Balasaheb death.people living there, none of the so called men ever spoke about it, forget them, BJP leaders disowned the girl. No one was in her support, except the Right wing twitter and Facebook. I can see the headlines if it were the other way round, “Muslims can’t live in peace” “how did people read ramayan without loudspeaker” “are they important” media, literati, lutyens, liberals from round the world, condemning the speaker’s for Ganesh Chaturthi.

After this girl showed nerves of steel, BJP was the first party from Indic side to throw her right under the bus. Shiv sena came next. But what was deafening the silence of media in 2 days. Yes, that’s how long it took to die down. A girl was threatened by a public figure Abu, thrashed by a community, riots were there tend to a state, and the so called clans of shivaji and sambhaji, they bent over. This is Maharashtra. The land of warriors, who gave us, akhand bharat, hindu state, Balasaheb Thackeray ji, RSS. It’s now in complete control of seculars. Where if you complain against seculars, you will have to leave, because that’s how manliness works here!

Scream at someone is easiest way to assert dominance, it seems to scientist. Research shows it works. Won’t win debate but certainly have effect on opponent. Two people screaming at two other people you know who is at bigger post. Research was done on rhesus, chimps, same result. You involved in fist fight, you scream to assert fear in opponent it works. It is supposed to. Now think of a group scream incessantly at the silent one. That’s loudspeaker prayer call. After some time, you will get used to this slavery, forget about having male hormones, you will have to forfeit your house if the screamers knock at your door. Just ask Bengaluru congress MLA. It’s a slow moving coup. And you can do nothing about it. May be with the exception of asking your BJP MLA about it. We all know their answer. But that’s it. It’s over. You lost.

Take a trip to UP, it’s no different. Except it has pure BJP government with 3/4th majority, Hindu Sanyasi as chief minister, who got votes on promise of getting rid of these things, loudspeakers and Muslim appeasement. He himself is bound by law to not infringe people rights, other wise court will punish him. But but but….Here is a catch, high court of UP , Allahabad high court (yes it’s not Prayagraj still) said, loud speakers are not an integral part of secular religion. And loud speaker could be removed without any hurdle from legal side. Now any person with common sense would guess what would hindu sanyasi chief minister do. Yes guys, he did exactly that. He bent over so as to ignore the order completely, so did RSS, VHP, BAJRANGIs. I went to police station to complain about it, they advised me to go back, and tener talk about it. So obviously, I have been talking about it ever since. I don’t have balls of steel, but certainly have normal ones. So far only Ajeet Bharti has responded to me in a live stream when I posed the question. Otherwise silence. Fear of repercussions. If it will not be done in BJP led government, it can only be done in a Islamic republic of India. Since it’s banned in most Islamic countries.

I think this is something that will unite most of the Hindus, for a short enough period. To have more topics to be united on. We can’t divide when we have less, we need to unite to get more and then divide it among ourselves. We need a solution to this dominance. No not the safe word. Solution. Economy comes to mind. Stop buying the Mlechhas product, it worked the last time, it sure will work this time. I have plans, I called for help, when I was alone in the police station. They sent me home for my own safety. Loudspeaker screamers won. We lost. It’s 1-0.

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