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Home Satire The curious case of crackers polluting once out of 365 days

The curious case of crackers polluting once out of 365 days

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Recently the commanding court of Mahishmati under the Chief Commander Shivgami Devi ordered the ban on the sale of crackers on the festival of Diwali in the region’s capital. The news has come as a relief for citizens of Mahishmati who have been suffering due to the high level of pollution emanating by the bursting of crackers. Going a step further Mahishmati’s court has added the following in their order with immediate effect-

• With Immediate effect, all Mahishmati court judges, lawyers and staff will stop using any vehicles, air-conditioners, refrigerators and other such equipment that cause any pollution and will start using the bicycles, Matkas, hand held fans etc

• With immediate effect, all the above will shift into an apartment building with GREEN STATUS (only solar lighting and rain water available for usage) leaving their palatial bungalows on the river bank of Narmada that flows in the capital and has become a polluting giant.

• The palatial bungalows will be allotted to the Myanmar state guests for the temporary purpose till the suitable Villas are allotted to these distinguished state guests who continue to remain in the country till the Mahishmati court agrees.

• Mahishmati court has also banned the use of crackers on the Yindoos marriages, but has exempted the use of crackers on X mas and New Year to maintain Mahishmati’s historical secular traditions. Moreover Mahishmati court has recommended that Yindoos plan to marry their daughters to the people of other faiths and minority to make them feel secured in the kingdom as there have been strong media waves in Mahishmati that minority have been feeling scared.

• At last, Mahishmati court has also ordered the court judges to work 24/7 and 365 days a year to settle the long pending court cases and have stopped the Court Leave period with immediate effect.

All Mahishmati citizens have hailed the court decision and celebrating the decision by bursting the crackers in abundance. Moreover as the decision will be implemented from the next day, markets have reported that subjects have bought all crackers available in the market on heavy discounts and used them in celebratory mood. This bursting of crackers does not violate the court order as this one is for good cause.

Meanwhile the technical committee has reported that Pollution level were noted at all time low after the court announced its decision indicating that supreme powers in the universe have also appreciated the court order.

On behalf of all Yindoos, we welcome and thank My lords at Mahismati court for such wonderful piece of judgement.

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