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Hypocrisy of politicians and celebrities on Diwali resulting into Hindu Muslim hatred

This hypocrisy and selective targeting is problematic resulting into increase in hatred between Hindu and Muslims.

कोरोना काल में त्यौहार पर आपका दायित्व

जैसा सभी को मालूम ही है कि दशहरा फिर दीपावली त्यौहार आ रहे हैं और हम सब इन त्यौहारों पर पटाखे वगैरह फोड़ते हैं और पटाखों से निकलने वाली जहरीली गैस एक स्वस्थ आदमी तक के लिये नुकसानदायक होती है तो कोरोना संक्रमितों के लिये तो बहुत ज्यादा ही नुकसानदायक रहेगी ही।

Supreme Court ban on sale of crackers: How far legally justifiable?

A practicing high-court advocate discuses the legal sustainability of the ban on sale of crackers in Delhi-NCR.

SC banned crackers not because they were causing pollution but because there is a ‘virtual consensus’ in society for the ban!

Read on for some surprising facts about the recent judgment as given by the Supreme court itself in its own judgement over ban on supreme court.

कविता: जज साहिब से पूछ कर..

हमारे उच्च न्यायालय को आम आदमी के दो शब्द अर्पण

Why the court ban on firecrackers has left many Hindus fuming

People are angry at the court order

The curious case of crackers polluting once out of 365 days

Read the other points of this judgement

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