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Why the court ban on firecrackers has left many Hindus fuming

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In an unexpected move Supreme Court banned sale of firecrackers in Delhi, cancelling all the licences so far issued by Delhi Police to these shops. Imposition of ban is a result of a PIL filed by three toddlers through their parents in 2015. Abhishek Singhvi appeared as counsel to ban firecrackers. Ban came when traders already had stocked the firecrackers.

Soon after the order anger & outrage erupted all over social media. A heavyweight twitter handle asked Modi government to bring an ordinance to circumvent the SC order.

Dr Harshvardhan who supported the decision had to delete his tweets by late evening realising his posts have not gone down well.

It is not difficult to understand why court’s ban on firecrackers has caused a deep furore:

Anand Rangnathan has written a sharp, incisive article on Delhi & pollution, in a lengthy write up full of facts and figures he pointed out that pollution in Delhi is mostly caused by vehicles, plants, industries, and dusting of roads. This is supported by IIT Kanpur study on pollution.

Diesel vehicles are notorious in releasing pollutants which throng roads in large numbers every day. It may not be wrong to assume that luxurious SUVs carrying judges also contribute to pollution.

Banning firecrackers is based on assumption that bursting them releases pollutants and creates smog which makes already toxic air of Delhi impossible to breathe. In a sharp rebuttal it was proved not to be the case, ‘pollutant level on Diwali day falls well below the mean levels by the next day’, This article was supported by statistical study.

With the ban in place Hindus feel alienated in own land, where they are reminded they need permission on how to celebrate their festivals and rituals. Where they must survive daily mocking of leftists. Courts at the same time turn blind eye to Islamic traditions:

Hindus feel let down when they see judgements like firecrackers ban being used by leftists to mock them in face.

Recently Karvachauth was mocked at by so called activists, knowing fully well they have nothing to lose while provoking the majority.

In Eastern India, Mamata Banerjee is breathing fire on Hindu festivals, Despite high court ruling she restricted Durga visarjan on Muharram. In past she has passed adverse comments on Ramnavmi.

Court refuses to entertain pollution issue associated with Bakrid but is ready to contemplate height of Dahi Handi.

While court is quick to muffle celebration on Ganesh Utsav & Navratra with sound restriction, it doesn’t ensure that its order against early morning Aazan is enforced.

Not long ago two well-known celebrity took up up discomfort caused by Azaan. Sonu tweeted on how Azaan is distressing him early in the morning.

Singer ended up with a tonsured head, a fatwa on him and a deactivated twitter account with millions of followers! The other one commenting on Azaan, Suchitra Krishnamurthy was bombarded with sexual abuses for letting her displeasure known.

Many see court ban on firecrackers as an oncoming freight train with the beacon, which will systematically target Hindu festivals one by one. Once ban in Delhi is successful, template will be implemented across states- starting with possibly West Bengal & Kerala. If the trend continues: Holi, Ganesh Puja, Onam: each and every festival will be attacked till there is none remaining!

If firecrackers cause pollution on Diwali, they should do same all over year, curiously court has imposed ban till 01 Nov only, implying it is OK to burst crackers on Christmas & New Year Eve!

Shiela Dixit has been quick to jump in, capitalising on resentment caused by ban. Delhi is state of businesses, ban is likely to cause massive loss of revenue and jobs to thousands of  workers in Shivkasi which has been traditional hub of firecrackers manufacturing. Also since the order came out after the traders had stocked the firecrackers, no one will dare to stockpile it next year since a judgement can hit any time.

The firecracker ban is a litmus test for BJP who came in power riding on Hindutva and development. With court turning selective, onus is entirely on Modi government to bring an ordinance reversing the order! When court imposed restrictions on Jallikattu & Dahi Handi, it was celebrated with even greater fervour. Decisions of court must be perceived by people as one that is beneficial to the society, if not such a judgement ceases to have value, if an order results in civil disobedience very purpose of judgement is defeated.

After this silent Diwali expect leftist media houses to publish article with fudged study done in span of a week regarding how cracker less festival resulted in pollution at all time low and Delhi is now healthier! This will then be lapped up by media across the world and used to demonise Hindus. As someone rightly said This Diwali, light a diya and weep!

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