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Hypocrisy of politicians and celebrities on Diwali resulting into Hindu Muslim hatred

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Every action should be judged on the basis of results and intentions What is the result of ban on fire crackers? Pollution reduction? No, Diwali is responsible only for less than 0.02 % pollution. But when these biased celebrities target only Hindu festivals but these same celebrities support Islamic malpractices like Halala, Burkah and Bakri-eid by calling it choice and this hypocrisy results into Hindu Muslim hatred.

Hyporicy is the biggest reason of hatred,

just imagine a class of two students where teacher targets you for your smaller mistakes, but ignores bigger mistakes of your fellow classmates, then what will it result into? These so called celebrities and leftist politicians are responsible for Hindu Muslim hatred than ordinary citizen.

Since the beginning, India has always been a free country in terms of freedom of expression. In past we have openly discussed the rituals and customs in sastrartha

Everyone is free to give opinion including celebrities but the problem is not opinion the problem is bias, hypocrisy and targeting

For example, these celebrities say stop wasting milk on Shivling, then these same celebrities ruin the birthday cake on their face. what material is this birthday cake made of? Grass? cake is not made of milk?

This hypocrisy and selective targeting is problematic resulting into increase in hatred between Hindu and Muslims.

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