Monday, April 15, 2024
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SC banned crackers not because they were causing pollution but because there is a ‘virtual consensus’ in society for the ban!

Read on for some surprising facts about the recent judgment as given by the Supreme court itself in its own judgement over ban on supreme court.

How Rana Ayyub sends anti-Hindu pamphlets when you order her book

Famous for promoting lies, Rana Ayyub is not only promoting her book but also hatred by promoting stupid pamphlets with her book.

Why the film The Ghazi Attack needs to be banned immediately

If we are not to see another Gujarat and are to stop the rise of the Bhakts and their saffron terrorism – we urgently need to stop making of such patriotic films.

How a Jan-Dhan account changed the life of an ISB Graduate

We as a country, as a system, want to make Digital India a rapid success, our banking and other services need to be communicated in native and vernacular languages as well, other than English.

A 10 point guide to being called an ‘Eminent Intellectual’ in India

Opposing Narendra Modi and addressing his supporters as Bhakts, give you the ‘escape Velocity’ to be termed as a ‘free-thinking,’ unbiased, intellectual, liberal in India.

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