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How Rana Ayyub sends anti-Hindu pamphlets when you order her book

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Looking at the Buzz that the book “The Gujarat Files” by Rana Ayyub created, I decided to buy it and finished it cover to cover in matter of a few hours!

However, my views on the book aside (will post them later), the inserts with the book are equally if not more intriguing and disturbing. Do check out the pictures carefully.

–> Am curious to know who inserts these with the books?
–> Not sure if Amazon inserts these because I have never got inserts before in any book that I bought from Amazon.
–> So, is Rana Ayyub, who is also the publisher in this case, getting them inserted?

Going by the curious titles of the inserts – Does Ms. Ayyub agree with them or is she at least trying to promote them?

–> Sample of the inserts:

1. A book mark of glory to ALLAH by a CHARITY ALLIANCE
2. Another small card asking us to be informed of the MUSLIM side of the Story

Above two are still understandable from a supposedly ‘secular’ and ‘objective’ author but what takes the cake is some of the books sought to be promoted along with the present book.

3. Sample some of the Book Titles

–> Godse’s Children – Hindutva Terror in India.
–> Bhagva Dahshatgardi aur Musalmaan (Saffron Terrorism & Muslims)
–> Hindutva Treason & Terrorism
–> RSS: Mulk ki sab se badi dahshatgard Tanzeem (organisation of India).

I mean seriously Rana Ayyub, your tirade against Modi and Gujarat 2002 aside, are you promoting these books and the ideas propagated in them?

#Saffron Terrorism?
#Hindutva Terror?
#RSS is a Terrorist organization– that too the biggest/worst of India?

Hope I get the answer to the above. I Shall wait to give a full fledged response then.

However, till then – let me state this:

“– Pray to Allah, Ram, Ishu or whoever that there never is a day when there actually is Hindu Terrorism in this Country. Else, if there ever is such a day and they ever adopt even half the traits of the terrorists from other religion which is not to be named then only Allah hi Maalik!!”

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