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Why the film The Ghazi Attack needs to be banned immediately

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Just saw the film Ghazi and am deeply pained to note the disgusting ideology that the film tries to promote – the outdated, filthy idea of nationalism and love for one’s nation. Films of the type of Ghazi should be banned forthwith and its makers incarcerated.

Films such as this attempt to subvert the immense efforts of all the top journalists and intellectuals of the nation, who have been striving ever so hard to drive the nation away from this malaise of Desh-Bhakti and veer them towards true FREEDOM– Freedom from the imaginary lines called borders on an otherwise free land bereft of any hindrances to the movement of people or ideas!

It took a great deal of convincing to get the people to agree that Azaadi for Kashmir is a small price to pay for the higher liberal ideal of a world without the narrow definition of a nation state and/or national boundaries. Ghazi has potential way to lay all these painstaking efforts.

It also took a great deal of effort to make national icons out of duds like Susu Kumar, Bimaar Khalid and Aayila Rashid. Ghazi aims to transplant these idols and icons with those of ultra nationalist soldiers who put their own lives at risk to brutally kill innocent tourists enjoying the serene waters of Bay of Bengal – just because these tourists (moving around in submarine Ghazi) happen to be from Pakistan.

We all know that Pakistan is a great nation founded on the principles of the great religion of peace, quite unlike our nation India which is based on the casteist, exploitative, dogmatic, superstitious and socially unjust religion, forcefully imposed by a Brahmanical state. The hatred of the soldiers towards the tourists of Pakistan also smacks of Islamophobia of the Hindu Right. It is exactly this hatred and Islamophobia that led to pogrom of Gujarat in 2002.

If we are not to see another Gujarat and are to stop the rise of the Bhakts and their saffron terrorism – we urgently need to stop making of such patriotic films. To begin with, in order to preserve our freedom of speech let us ask for the taking away their freedom of speech & expression. Let us plead for an immediate ban on the film Ghazi!!

Hope you get the pun!

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