EC makes Sidhu silent for 72 long hours

Lately we have seen how another politician like the stature of Navjot Singh Sidhu stepped across the defined tracks of the country’s topmost poll panel. He was found distracted and took the wrong way around in making his fervent appeal to the people on the communal lines in Bihar’s Katihar on April 15. He lost the straight path and lost in his speech-making the difference between to be and not to be.

He was quickly served with a notice as to where he was going away. The answer from him was timely and obvious. His response in regard to his electioneering ban was not too lengthy to hold his traditional habit of speaking spontaneously. He thought it better to respond through his lawyer. He said that he had been misquoted and his remarks should be seen as a whole, in a context.

However all his logic did not let the Election Commission change its stand? It was definitely not only him who had been banned from campaigning in the 17th edition of the Lok Sabha polls but several other known politicians were also restricted for violating the model code of conduct. His violation was that he made an appeal for the support of people on nasty nuances.

Being a Congress party’s star campaigner he was overlooking no chance in compressing the stronger opposition parties. A chatty politician like him cannot stay silent for 72-hour. He has developed a habit of speaking complex sentences. So how could he be restrained for such a long duration? Seldom has he been satisfied with the simple one or one-and-a-half line sentence.

Whenever he starts speaking on any simply topic he takes roughly more than a minute in order to make the subject matter more interesting and lengthy. He knows the trick of analyzing the sentence in the way he deems suitable to explain before the audience. Like Newton’s Laws, he was hardly stable and calm. He was never appearing to be unbending in all sorts of situations. He seems like the Newtonian physics that cannot predict the way the light bends on its way through the solar system or how an electron might spin around an atom’s core. Keeping a talkative person silent like him was conversely a big punishment under the EC’s jurisdiction.

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