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Fallacies Of Sanatan Dharmis

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The idea that Indian Culture is old and majestic is well perceived by Hindus. That they belong to great lineage of Rishis and Maharishis who were scientifically advanced and morally superior is well argued and to a point credible based on historical, architectural and scientific evidence. This article is not really meant to counter the claims of a great Vedic Civilization. It is to counter those who chest beat about their forefathers greatness in present day scenario.

Today Hindus are mostly divided into two parts:

  1. Those who are apathetic meaning they have no interest in past, present or future of the culture where they were born. They are more interested in being in the good books of others and swimming with the current. They form a majority and they would go with the current in-thing.
  2. But there are other type of Hindus who know about their culture and traditions. These so-called Sanatanis rave and rant about the glories of Ancient India as if there is no end to it.

This is the most fundamental error that they engage in. They think talking about Past Glories matter in Present Day scenarios. Also they refuse to acknowledge a lot of current day evils in Hindu Society are embedded in the culture that they rave and rant about. For example Sanatan Dharmi’s get red with anger when evil of Caste System is mentioned. They keep arguing that nothing of that sort is present in Vedas or Old Vedic Texts. Problem is they haven’t really seen where to look. Try Gita Chapter 11 Shloka 27. There Arjuna mentions Karna as “Sut Putra” and not Radhe or Angraj which are epithets associated with Karna. Similarly Bhima insulted Karna saying “Sut are Kaput” meaning Charioters Son are not Worthy. Laxmana in Ramayana was seething with anger when the Navik(Sailor) said he and Rama belonged to the same caste. Sanatanis can either keep arguing how it is taken out of context or agree that the problem of Caste System is quite deep and embedded in the chapters of their glorious past. Instead of arguing it would serve better purpose if they try some innovate ideas to eradicate the caste system problem like Mr. Modi is trying

Nepotism is another evil that is associated with Indian Culture. Nepotism is present in foreign countries as well but in India it is carried out like a religious practice. Pritvhvi Raj Kapoor to Raj Kapoor to Rishi Kapoor to Ranbir Kapoor the nepotism lineage has not disappeared. Muslims are not far behind with Tariq Khan launching Aamir Khan and Aamir Khan launching Imran Khan. It is not limited to films as parents keep urging their children to settle in their well established business be it as an Engineer, Doctor, Architect or Politics. Apparently Bhagwad Gita is now a holy book rather then a practical guidance manual otherwise Chapter 3 Shloka 35 as well as Chapter 18 Shloka 47 would allow Hindus to cast out the evils of Nepotism prevalent in the society. Trouble is Sanatan Dharmis are more interested in defending Gita and Hinduism rather then practical application of the wonderful teachings by Shree Krishna.

A year ago I had objected to a tweet by a devout RSS guy who wanted an article on Sex Education to be taken off from a Standard 8 Textbook. I looked at the text and could not find anything wrong in it. It was a well written and scientifically accurate text on male and female anatomy. Considering children are 13-14 by that time it should be the right time for them to learn such important issues related to body anatomy. He argued that it was ruining Culture Of India. I just stated if Kama Sutra was unable to ruin Indian Culture how could a scientifically accurate text with no vulgarity ruin it? All he could do was the known concept of Taqiyya with a Hindu Flavor of how our ancestors were great and how knowledge of Arya Bhatta and deeds of Shivaji were necessary to be propagated to future generations. Once again I stated that if Arya Bhatta kept uttering “Ram, Ram” instead of making advancement in Mathematics we would not have gotten so far in Maths. Thankfully he listened but other Sanatanis are not so polite or humble. They keep bickering and ranting and can’t stop raving about the great Indian Culture.

Sanatan Dharmis, HDL’s, VHS and other devout Hindus need to learn that your past doesn’t matter anymore. It is the Present and your plans for the Future which would sow the seed for a better India. Hindus were defeated by Islam and then by Christianity and made subservient to them. Now the Socialist and Leftist Liberals are ruling and controlling much of India’s thought pattern. Unless Hindus take stock and start responding to challenges they would be a lost cause. It is better to learn from Jews and the State Of Israel. The Jews successfully took stock after Holocaust and World War 2 and today they control most of the major Corporations, Media Companies and Pharmaceuticals. One can either rubbish it and start the idiotic Conspiracy Theories about Zionism or one can acknowledge their Hard Work(Karma) to get to the place where they are today. Today the small state of Israel is successfully defending against Enemies from all Sides and International Pressure while still growing and thriving.

If Jews can do it then so can Hindus. But for that to happen all the Sanatan Dharmis need to leave the fallacies associated with ancient and glorious Bharat on one-side and start working for a Better and Hopeful India for the future generations to come. Acknowledge the evils in Hinduism and try to change them rather then play the blame game. Sanatanis also have the important role of making Ancient Knowledge relevant to modern times. For example if you keep harping about benefits of Surya Namaskar then no one would listen cause that is Pagan Worship Tradition for others. But if you endorse it as a 12 Steps Total Workout Program which rejuvenates the mind and body then a lot of them would listen. Get Shilpa Shetty or Bipasha Basu in gym clothes to endorse it. Trust me it would sell like Hot Chocolate Fudge Cake.

No one outside of India is interested in our glorious and wonderful culture. Even majority in India are not interested. They are only interested in results and staying relevant in the society. Ancient Knowledge of India however great it was has no meaning in present day as it is out of date with the modern times. It is up to the Sanatanis, VHS and HDL’s to make it relevant to modern times. There are two benefits from it:

  1. They keep alive the knowledge of their great ancestors.
  2. They earn Profits from selling that knowledge. After all everyone is in the business of making money.

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