Thursday, April 25, 2024
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Why Abrahamic religions are obsessed with the idea of Apocalypse

Popular references in movies and other cultural aspects deal with the end of the world.

Indians need to stop the Victim Mentality and focus on Winning

Western intellectuals should at least study India before making absurd comments on the Indian culture.

Forgotten Jewish Princess

A forgotten story

Can the Right-Wing ignore Mr. Kejriwal until he self-destructs?

The right-wing on Twitter needs to learn to ignore certain things and certain personalities.

Much Ado About Shani

Its time to stop superstitious beliefs

Fallacies Of Sanatan Dharmis

A counter to people who seek to only glorify India's past

Master the art of propaganda by doing genuine work

India never runs out of things to outrage about. Whether it is the rising price of vegetables or whether it is the cricket team's loss....

Setting The Narrative and how the Right Wing has lost the plot

The narrative battle is being lost

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