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Setting The Narrative and how the Right Wing has lost the plot

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It has been 19 Months or so since Mr. Modi came to power. There has been a usual plot to political events. It is not like it was not being carried earlier but then BJP was in Opposition and People were fed up of Scams of UPA-2. But now that BJP is in power the promised Acche Din are not visible to Common Man cause Mr. Modi is planning for long term. Meanwhile though The Plot is getting lost. Here is the usual run of things that is continuing in a loop

  1. A Lie is published blaming Modi Govt or Right-Wing or Distorting Comments of BJP/RSS/Hindu Organisation Members to suit Leftist/Secular Agenda
  2. Bhaktas come out in Defence. They point facts, they make funny memes, they trend it on twitter, highlight it on Facebook and some even abuse
  3. The person who started the fact distortion or rumor mongering cries victim
  4. Bhaktas again point to facts and some abuse more
  5. Then the Leftists and Seculars start another lie and the usual cycle follows

I have been on Twitter only since 2013 but there have been people who have seen this, outraged about it and moved to next outrage for five years or more now.  Isn’t this getting exhaustive? When are you gonna learn? Facts aren’t really what win you the elections it is The Narrative that wins you an election. At this point in time I am very sorry to say this but BJP and Bhaktas are losing The Narrative as well as The Plot. You can very well say goodbye to 2019 Elections if the same cycle keeps repeating.

Bhaktas keep believing they are destroying the Opposition with Facts but the truth is the Leftists Media and Seculars are controlling The Narrative and you are just reacting to The Narrative. All BJP and Bhaktas do is outrage and hold some flimsy defense. BJP IT Cell and BJP Think Tank doesn’t help the cause one bit by letting golden opportunities go which can easily put the Opposition in the dock.

Meanwhile Delhi and Bihar have been lost to The Narrative. Maharashtra has no clear majority and BJP have to take support of a not so reliable partner. Punjab, UP and Bengal would most probably be lost due to bad governance by allies, no mass leader and no real footing in the States. But a loss is a loss none the less.

At this time I always marvel at the fact how the UPA-2 controlled allies using CBI while BJP has trouble controlling Opposition inspite of absolute majority. You need to be mesmerized by the fact that a single phone call was enough to stop telecast of a Sting Operation by a major Media House and Reporter(even though Bhaktas find him not so credible). Inspite of so many scams and so many shortcomings I couldn’t see one Intolerance Debate or anyone crying Vendetta Politics.

Bhaktas keep using term like “Paid Media”, “Presstitute” and “Sickulars” but reality is these Media Houses, Secular Twitters and Writers are only pawns in the otherwise grand scheme that is The Narrative. That is being set by Outside Forces and Political Parties who are sponsoring the so called Media Houses. I don’t blame Media Houses. I don’t blame Outside Forces and Secular/Leftists/Islamists/Missionaries who set The Narrative either. I blame BJP and Bhaktas for not learning and trying to set their own narrative.

If Media can be paid then why isn’t BJP and Bhaktas sponsoring the so-called Right-Wing Media Channels, Websites and Newspapers. If lies can be spread regarding BJP then why cannot facts about Leftists/Secularists be propogated? If Hindus are shown as superstitious, casteists and hateful bunch then why not show the mirror to Abrahamacs after learning a little about them. What’s stopping the HDL’s, VHS and Sanatan Dharmi’s from learning about Abrahamac Barbarity and Torture and showing it to others in India? All I see is them defending Hinduism and abusing without any fact finding.

Rights and Wrong do not matter in Politics. Neither do they matter in Real Life. It wasn’t the Righteousness which won the Mahabharata War. It was won thanks to Krishna who did the wrong thing to ensure that right side won. I would get my fair bit of abuse for this article but I hope a few rationalists right wing would listen and start setting The Narrative. Unless you do that you would lose The Whole Plot.

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