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Mrs Kejriwal, only you can guide your husband now – An open letter

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Amritanshu Gupta
Amritanshu Gupta
An award winning radio journalist known for high -profile radio campaigns.

Dear Sunita ji,


I was just trying to figure out and find a person who has an authority to tell Arvind even an iota of truth.

I thought of Anna ji, but Arvind has ditched him and for Arvind he was just an old man whose shoulder he could use to climb for fulfilling his then unrevealed political ambitions.

Then I thought of the other key members of the India Against Corruption Movement. I thought of Shanti Bhushan,Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav  as possible people he might respect. Shanti Bhushan commands no respect from Arvind. Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav, two men who could have the guts to correct him if he was wrong or have a different opinion than him,and were perhaps two people in the party more intelligent than him and could voice concerns openly were not only thrown out of the party but manhandled at Arvind’s instructions. They made the grave mistake of pointing fingers at a ‘Doodh ka Dhulha’.

It is now well known what happens to anyone in the party who raises his voice against unethical activities in the party and has an independent opinion, different from Arvind. Amongst other political parties the people whom Arvind secretly listens to and advises these days, are the same people he abused and accused of corruption earlier, and made a reputation for himself as a corruption crusader.

After considering all possible people,I could think of only three people who can attempt to guide Arvind and get away with, unharmed.

Two of them are your children Harshita and Pulkit.

I have chosen to ignore dear Harshita and dear Pulkit because Arvind even vowed upon both of them that he won’t ever take Congress’ support to form government, but unfortunately when an opportunity came, in his lust for power, he backed out from even this promise.

Which leaves only one person on this planet,who can guide Arvind honestly.

That is you Sunita ji. As was evident when he won the Delhi elections, Arvind undoubtedly loves you a lot. During the India Against Corruption Movement, Arvind was perceived to be a honest man who thinks of the country, even by many people who think of him as a fraud/stooge today. That faith which people had in him, helped him to such a meteoric rise.

But within just few years, this image he carried of being a man who was committed to the well being of the nation, ahead of his own, has crashed heavily. When he thought that he had a chance of becoming PM, he left Delhi to go to Varanasi and lost badly, but later apologized which gave him a chance to have a second innings.

But whatever little credibility was left has been thoroughly exposed in this second stint.

Sunita ji, you would be aware how Gajendra, a man who looked incapable of committing suicide,hanged himself right in front of Arvind and Arvind continued his speech.

It is said, a similar staged incident was planned during IAC movement when Annaji was on Anshan. Some of the organisers who were an integral part of the event had asked volunteers to arrange for a guy who could threaten to set himself on fire by pouring kerosene upon himself and he would be saved just before he could light a matchstick and set himself on fire. Fortunately,they couldn’t arrange a guy to do this. Though the modus operandi of that unfortunate afternoon near Jantar Mantar was similar, what exactly happened because of which Gajendra accidentally hanged himself, probably Arvind might know.

Then his support to Jasleen in an orchestrated incident was thoroughly exposed. In September, he even gave a virtual clean chit to former chief minister Sheila Dikshit after continuously accusing her of corruption, ever since he came into limelight.

But Sunita ji,this week Arvind has stooped to new lows. He attributed the death of a child in an unrelated incident to the railway demolition drive, when as per reports in all leading newspapers, the child’s father has clearly said that the child passed away hours before the demolition drive. Such insensitivity towards a child’s death to gain political mileage is very inhuman and is not needed for a capable man like Arvind.

Sunita ji, 3 years ago on this day,one of India’s brave daughters Nirbhaya was brutally raped and murdered. Arvind had agitated against the government then. But now, as per reports in various newspapers, the Delhi govt has told the High Court that it plans to give Rs 10,000 and a sewing machine to the brutal rapist of Nirbhaya when he is released. Nirbhaya’s parents are deeply hurt and feel this is like giving a licence to rapists by Arvind’s government. This is corruption of a different kind by Arvind.

If giving a chance to a person returning from jail is the intention, then there are plenty of prisoners languishing in jail for far pettier crimes, maybe helping release them and giving them jobs would have been a sensible alternative.
Do you support a reward for such a brutal rapist, who inserted an iron rod and extracted her uterus, just because of his name. I am sure you would never ever want to go to get your clothes stitched from this tailor. You can influence Arvind to take back his decision on this. Can you ?

Arvind had always been advocating CBI raids to be conducted on officials unannounced, until obviously he himself became a Chief Minister. Rajasthan’s mining secretary was earlier arrested in a similar raid, without informing the BJP CM there. But a CBI raid conducted unannounced at his ex IIT batchmate and current Principal Secretary Rajinder Kumar’s office made Arvind resort to an outburst which is still unbelievable. This Rajinder Kumar has also been Arvind’s PS when Arvind was CM for those 49 days. And as per reports,this Rajinder Kumar has serious corruption charges against him and Transparency International had warned Arvind against him way back in May, but Arvind failed to take any action against him. In the conducted raids, substantial money has been recovered and he has been booked for criminal misconduct and conspiracy.

Why would Arvind panic if he knows there is nothing wrong at a place which he runs according to his whims and fancies. If nothing was found out at the raids, he could have probably created a noise later saying that they had come to raid,but couldn’t find anything against anyone. Such shouting and abusing only makes it obvious that he fears of some of his misdeeds coming out.

And following the raid on his close aide who is booked for criminal conspiracy, instead of condemning his aides actions, Arvind chose an abusive language for a democratically elected Prime Minister,which is very regrettable, but probably very subdued in comparison to the one Arvind is used to in venting out anger and frustration at anything which doesn’t go according to his plan or anything that catches him by surprise. The International Media took notice and headlines read “Delhi Politician calls Indian Prime Minister a coward”. Such antics remain Arvind’s only claim to fame now.

In contrast, my and your PM, our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi offered a glass of water to one of Arvind’s protesting MP, whose throat had dried shouting slogans against our PM,blaming him for the CBI catching misdeeds carried out by Arvind’s close aide.

Sunita ji, please help Arvind and have the strength to let him know that, ‘crusader of corruption’ is an identity which he has long lost because of his instability,hypocrisy and lust for power. However,with you as his wife, he is at an advantage of being in a situation where he can overcome this downfall by stopping unethical means for attention, stopping cribbing for everything and going about his job gracefully with some dignity.

I say this because he is a very capable man,who has just lost his way,and the country will be better of with such capable men who have made a mark,not straying from the path they promised. It will also mean a healthy democracy.

But with this new set of alliance of which Arvind is a part along with his now beloved Laloo, Mamta and gang,
it will be safe to say ‘Sab Mile Huye Hain Ji’ (All opposition parties are aligned) just to malign our Prime Minister Narendra Modi at any cost.

I hope you are not bullied  and wish you all the best in making an attempt to help Arvind.


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Amritanshu Gupta
Amritanshu Gupta
An award winning radio journalist known for high -profile radio campaigns.
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