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The fear of losing

Protesting for selective crimes is not going to fix anything, it would only create a perception that Indians are well aware of the problem and are willing to fix  them.

How our media, activists and police can play a part in reducing rapes

Just to maximize TRPs and viewership, MSM has lost its sensitivity. And activists protest is always solely based on the ideology.

Women’s day is not just about offering gifts to the woman in your life

Life starts from a woman's womb and there is no alternative to it. Thus, not just on women's day, but it's everyone's responsibility to show extreme respect towards women on all days.

Indian politics and the curious case of feminism

It is say day when our feminism is also politicized, we think about the political implications of statement before we make it.

Mrs Kejriwal, only you can guide your husband now – An open letter

A letter which lists all of Kejriwal's failings

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